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Generate awareness and protection through meaningful interaction


Futurismo has at its core the whale watching activity, which we pioneered here in the Azores. We did not just start doing it. We were at the forefront of the change of the anthropocentric relation of Azoreans and cetaceans, towards an ecocentric vision, contributing to the formulation of the law and transforming old whalers into lookouts for whale watching.
We partner with several institutions to protect wildlife, being recognized as a Responsible Whale Watching Operator by the World Cetacean Alliance.
We combine our tourism activity within the house of scientific research, using that data to collaborate with social, educational, and scientific institutions as well as to improve the quality of our experiences.


As a purpose-driven, responsible and sustainable company, Futurismo Azores Adventures believes that our actions throughout all of our tours can´t, in any way, negatively impact the welfare of animals we encounter and can contribute towards their protection.

This goal is a continuous ongoing process and Futurismo is always trying to improve and assess our animal interaction.


Our projects on the Wildlife pillar aim at protecting and respecting the Azorean biodiversity both on land and below water, working to contribute to regenerating the environmental footprint of tourism and promoting responsible action from our stakeholders.
These projects not only educate people about the reality and the challenges, but they also raise awareness so that communities and travelers can make informed choices when they travel and in their daily lives.
Also, by employing our staff throughout the year we contribute to a stable income for many many families.

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