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Who we are

Born in 1990, Futurismo Azores Adventures™ is a purpose-driven, family-owned business that has grown into the biggest Azorean operator with its own DMC.


The Origin

It would sound perfect if we were to tell that this project started with an incredibly designed business plan, precise KPIs and objectives and top-notch marketing! Nevertheless, that would not be true.

Futurismo is an act of passion. For our islands, our culture, our people, our sea, and the amazing cetaceans that have crafted the Azoreans. A passion for the best of our islands. Going slow and taking in the best of the Azores. Our people, the amazing fauna and flora, our culture our history and stories.

When the Azores turned away from the whaling industry, we saw what the future of the islands would look like and led the travel evolution to whale watching, and contributed decisively to transforming the relationship of the Azoreans with the cetaceans.

Explore, Love and Protect

Always connecting tourism with science and education, Futurismo aims to be more than just a tourism company and seeks to contribute to a more balanced lifestyle in which our society and travellers are more aware of the nature that surrounds us.

Ever since the beginning of the company we’ve been carving out unparalleled active travel experiences from every corner of our jaw-droppingly gorgeous archipelago.

Operating a very diverse range of activities, we provide for travellers who want to experience the Azores in a way that is befitting the culture, wildlife, and natural beauty of the archipelago.

We are the only one-stop company in the Azores, owning the supply chain, having amazing partnerships in the Archipelago, and taking care of every single detail, allowing us to create amazing memories with authentic experiences in the pristine Azores nature!

With more than 30 years of experience operating in the Azores archipelago, there's no doubt we've mastered the art of the active holiday.

The Guardians


A team of almost 60 dedicated professionals, from travel designers to guides, to marine biologists and lookouts, skippers, or photographers, we´re all united by the idea of creating amazing experiences that can give travellers a true sense of what are the Azores through real connection with our persons and land.

Ruben Rodrigues

Owner & General Director

Nelson Santos

Executive Director

Carlos Picanço

Sales & Marketing Director

Rui Rodrigues

Owner & Operations Director

Fernando Coelho


Natalia Silveira


Ana Vieira

Operations Coordinator

Paulo Medeiros


Claudia Silveira

Travel Designer

Álvaro RP

Filmmaker / Marketing

Roberto Soares


Mário Medeiros


Dina Correia


Rafael Martins

Biologist / Skipper

Thomas Rizzo


Ana Rita Pacheco

Front Office Coordinator

Eulália Pacheco


Júlia Couto

Travel Designer

Andre Pacheco


Mariana Silva

Biologist Coordinator

Fabiana Raposo

Front Office

Filipe Rodrigues


David Rodrigues


Cristina Gaudencio

DMC Coordinator

José Coelho


Inês Coelho

Marine Biologist

Rodrigo Viveiros


Rodrigo Vale


Patricia Silva

Front Office

Chiara Cuozzo


Tiago Balbino


Angélica Real

Front Office

Dinis Jacob

Marine Biologist

Sérgio Matos

Operations & Reservations

Jennifer Kiefer

Pico Ops Coordinator

Heindrun Schulte


Luis Lopes


Andreia Pereira

Marine Biologist

María Huamán

Marine Biologist

Rita Nogueira


Tiago Sousa

Digital Marketing Manager

Nuno Cordeiro


Cátia Chaves

Business Development Coordinator


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Adventure awaits!

Join us for amazing holidays full of outdoor
adventures in the Azores Islands.

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