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Our Values


The world is our oyster

More than a goal, we are keen on having an innovative mental approach to our strategy, planning, and action.

We are aware of our role in the Azores tourism and we keep focused on having an innovative approach to the challenges we face, adopting a regenerative leadership in which all of our members can impact decisively the company objectives.

We want to constantly be searching for new ways of doing things better.


We are Guardians of the Azores!

We recognize our role as responsive and responsible members of our society, impacting People, Planet, and Wildlife. Therefore our decision-making process and operational practices try to exemplify a “shared-value” approach to business and a strong sense of protection for People, Planet, and Wildlife.

We are keen on setting obvious good intentions, living by this idea, and caring about People, Planet, and Wildlife at the forefront of our strategy.


Keep calm, thriving hearts here!

If there is something that defines our team, is the inmate's passion for sustainable, meaningful tourism, that connects people, while safeguarding the planet and wildlife. We are thrilled by the unknown and by challenges that can make us thrive as individuals and as a group. We assume our passion and we are willing to be misunderstood and to stand for what we truly believe above anything else. Our success is based upon a results-oriented approach to our planning and action, always in a continuous learning cycle.


Stakeholders are our North Star!

Great service is a vocation for us as we strive to create everlasting memories of your time in the Azores. We are committed to achieving superior service levels and we will go to extensive lengths, always in respect for our values, culture, and policies, to ensure customer satisfaction.

We do appreciate constructive feedback, that we use to improve our services and when facing problems we will look for permanent solutions.

We believe in clear, coherent, and consistent communication to benefit the experience of all of our stakeholders.


We mentally bubble wrap everything for safety!

Our activities are nature-based and subject to the elements so we work proactively to assess and analyze safety and risks, thus minimizing problems that may arise.

We believe that proper organization, structured workflows, empathy, accountability, respect, and clear communication are key to a quick and reliable response to emergency situations.


Be cool! Do the Right Thing!

Ethics compel us to say we were unable to decide on a specific value as all of them seemed important.

We try to be coherent in what we say and do and try to continuously do the right thing, on a shared value vision, in a sustainable tourism perspective while we involve our stakeholders in transformational experiences.

We honor our word and commitments, respecting and caring for others, in a trustworthy manner.

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Adventure awaits!

Join us for amazing holidays full of outdoor
adventures in the Azores Islands.

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