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Van Tour around Faial Island – Full day

The blooming of the hydrangeas dresses the island in a blueish veil and impregnates the air with a fresh odor of novelty. The immense Caldeira crater, at the bottom of its green massifs, the silent respect that the remains of the Capelinhos’ volcano imposes upon us, and the sunny marina of Horta filled with colorful…

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Descent to the Caldeira in Faial – Half day

Advancing, in Caldeirão, until the edge of an immense mouth opened in nature will take us to the fragility of the human life that we share; and, at the same time, will move us as we belong to this same world, involved by its beautiful endemic flora. As it will move us to wander through…

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Hiking on the Rim of the Caldeira – Half day

During the entire journey there will be grazing lands and sea at sight. As there will be an indigo-blue sky or a soft lead of clouds over the hills. There is the scent of wild bush and dampened wood; the Laurissilva forest with its birds, insects, and whispering leaves. There is the vision of hydrangeas…

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São Jorge Island Van Tour – Full day

Long, narrow, with high cliffs, this is another of the desirable islands of the Atlantic. Its mountain range, as proud and beautiful as the bone in the back of a dragon, is a wonderful contrast to the universe of the «fajãs», the velvet platforms by the sea level. Cheese, coffee, and clams have unique flavors;…

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Daytime Pico Mountain Climbing – Full day

We call it the ultimate Azorean challenge – in fact, probably its most sublime show: overcoming the mountain, the greatness of its alpine habitat entrenches the spirit of those who achieve it as well as the multitude of sceneries that can be embraced with a single prime glance. Accustoming your eyes to the consecutive rings…

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Hiking UNESCO Heritage: Santana to Lajido

This is one of the precious places protected by UNESCO from the interference of anything but sheer perfection: an authentic open-air museum and a mandatory pilgrimage for the lovers of wine artistry, as it is packed with cellars dating from the golden age of the Czars’ wine! In this soil, where volcanism is strongly imprinted…

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Hiking to Criação Velha Vineyards – Half day

No discouragement flourishes, no thought grows dark while we walk through this green-painted space decorated with carmine-colored fruits, where the breeze is a breath and the sun a warm quilt stretched over the cliffs. By the light of a pure, clear air, we will visit the vineyards spilled over the slopes, but also furrows, barrel…

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Whale Watching Pico & Van Tour – Whaling Heritage

With a seabed so deep, Pico attracts aquatic visitors from all parts and offers this dreamy, bold dimension from which the first whalers were born and from which true adventurers and curious are today made of. Immerse yourself in one of the richest whaling histories in the world and in all of the culture built…

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Whale Watching from Rabo de Peixe – Half day

This adventure begins at the Yatch Club of a fishing village on the north side of the island, where the coast offers even greater opportunities for whale watching. After a briefing with our biologists, we will set to sea, in the mid-Atlantic, and everything will be possible for those who nurture the dream of facing…

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Kayaking Rental in Sete Cidades

The mysterious surface of the lagoon, the secrets held at the bottom of its waters, and the fauna and flora that populate it invite us for a kayak tour, paddling at the pace of a time filled with a bright new richness: Under a special sky, we will find a new air and a different…

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