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Pico Nighttime Mountain Climb – Full day

The mountain is not only the highest point in Portugal, but, mainly, the most beautiful seat to admire the universe. To observe the sunrise from the top of this quiescent volcano enlightens humans, as if lending them, in fact, an aura of deity. The sunrays tear the horizon, setting the cobalt-blue of the Atlantic on…

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Pico Mountain Climbing with Overnight Stay

You can conquer the mountain challenge with the aid of «Futurismo» and, victorious, sleep on its crater, under a pallium of stars and comets. Light will plate the silence around, as a quilt weaved of secrecy and respect. And then you awake to the most authentic interpretation of natural beauty: The daybreak offers a performance…

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Customized Private Van Tour

The greatest lava tube in Portugal; the highest volcano; the brightest volcanic rock; the most astonishing view over the neighboring islands… Thematic tours take you through historical journeys and to the core of the local culture. The comfort of a van will not stop you from admiring the best chosen points – our gems of…

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Pico Island Van Tour

Touring the island in its most emblematic features, in a single day, from the north coast with its sweet, intoxicating wine production, to the south with its magnificent lagoons and views over endless horizons from the belvederes… On the way, there will be spaces completed with natural swimming pools, plateau, villages, and delicate birds. Move…

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Pico Island Van Tour – Volcanoes and Lakes

An explosion of volcanic cones to be visited and the biodiversity of numerous lakes and lagoons designs an island where boredom is impossible. In any tour it is difficult to absorb, in a few hours, all the amount of beauty! Its headlands work as balconies for the neighboring islands where the full concept of an…

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Pico Wine Culture – Full day

Wine is the nectar of the gods, and the island of Pico a parcel fallen from Olympus. The pounding landscape of the vineyards resulted from decades of hard, endless work, but its mighty image also furrowed the hills with a magnificent digital printing. Associated to it, the wine cellars appear, places of peace and delight…

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Van Tour – Pico Wine Culture

This is a story that started in the 15th century, with the early settlement, and continued through these successive rows of basaltic stone that cut the scenery, erected as pieces in an enchanting game. Touring the south coast you will be able to reconstitute the adventure of the wine from the islands, once served at…

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Van Tour – Pico Island Lakes

A thriving native vegetation arises in the natural reserves of Pico, with sighs that ascend from the earth’s womb. The lagoons spread, liquid and serene, where once there were mountains and cliffs generated from a fire that consumed everything around. However, at present, the fertility and the natural art are all that is left from…

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Van Tour – Pico Island Lava Cave

Underneath the island lies another underground world that crosses its interior and exhibits the evidence of an earthy, violent past, as scars that can be visited. These landscapes, however, also mark the surface of the earth with admirable features, impossible to be found in any other area. As Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, descend to…

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Pico Island Wine Tasting Experience

Highly recommended for enologists, life lovers, and adult human beings in general! Savor this craftly-produced liquid that releases almost emotional aromas; and do it in the company of the producers themselves, at the sound of memories connected to the stories of long family walks around the wine and the vineyards. This is why the producers…

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