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GeoTourism – Carvão Cave & Volcano Observatory

A survivor of a gigantic lava tube that once solidified from the rivers of fire that nurtured the interior of the developing island, this grotto takes us to the depths of the earth and unveils before our eyes the evidences of this process. The information is completed at the Volcanological and Geothermal Energy Interpretative Center;…

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Hiking Serra do Topo to Fajã dos Cubres

Cheese factories with processes still mostly artisanal will fulfill your curiosity and instruct your palate for intense revelations… The «fajãs» will show us the best that exists in the original, ancient soul f the people, and the sea is so clear that even reflects our thoughts… To the truth of nature some man-erected moments join…

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Boat Tour – Private Event in Ponta Delgada

Come and drift in the ocean, rocked by one of our boats, knowing that the body cannot resist to the sea breeze and that the spirit, finally, relaxes within the great oceanic peace, colored by the sinking sun. Be the detail in this magnificent decoration that the universe uses to arrange the coastline and each…

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Hiking Tour to Serra Devassa – Half day

The volcanic complex of Sete Cidades preserves the treasure of a magnificent watershed whose lagoons fit together, as opalescent gems, in the intense velvet of the scenery. To walk it is to realize this stunning cooperation, where watercourses and endemic vegetation mutually nurture one another and, together, feed the island with beauty. The legend that…

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Hiking Tour to Salto do Cabrito – Half day

A journey around sulphurous waters heated by the land and around frigid, living waters that emerge from the springs: The intense bush odor and the fertile vegetation join the walker and make him/her an intense part of this habitat forged in vines, flowers, tubers, and thick carpets of moss. From the first electrical plants of…

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Hiking Tour Agrião – Full day

A breathtaking sight that oversees the Atlantic blue and the thousand colors of the island; this is the prize for a demanding trail, under different rhythms, that challenges the boldest. This route of almost three hours crosses woods, follows slopes opened by erosion, overpasses scenic bridges, and waterfalls. The crater where the settlement nests, and…

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Hiking Tour Sete Cidades & Back to the Roots

This is a tour to grope and absorb with all senses, such as the tasting session that we offer halfway and the interaction with local folks in their daily chores: milking a cow or cooking in a wood oven. The geological phenomena that formed the Sete Cidades caldera simply arose in a miracle of excellence….

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Hiking Tour Faial da Terra & Van Tour Nordeste

To blend an adventurous expedition through wild trails with the subsequent relaxation of a van tour through the most beautiful paths of the island is our goal: First, we will visit the surprises of this unique nature on foot, discovering a hidden settlement in the mountain and the portentous waterfall of Salto do Prego; after,…

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Hiking Tour to Moinho do Félix – Full day

A magnificent journey along waterfalls that crash over the coastal line and the curved arm of nature dwelling on the branches over the sea. The walking is aided by a net of lovely watermills that, in the old days, ensured flour and sustenance to most part of the island; or by iconic fountains that granted…

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Hiking Serra Devassa & Nascentes do Canário

A challenging but incredibly beautiful walking trail is our suggestion for this journey to the volcanic complex of Sete Cidades: We give you lagoons, aqueducts, and waterfalls all inscribed under the definition of beauty, of serenity, and of the desire of secluding oneself from every day’s pressure. In this less known path, the scenery surprises…

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