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São Miguel Active 5D

This is a version for you, always thirsty for wonder, peace, and novelty. Explore the valley of Sete Cidades and its peaceful beauty around the lagoons. Or the valley of Furnas where the clearings are worthy of the most renowned painters. The waters are caramelized by the power of nature and the sulfur mouths that…

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São Miguel Adventure 5D

To ascend to the extreme vertigo of the height of Pico da Vara or in Ribeira dos Caldeirões where cascades crash, to Lagoa do Fogo, the throne from where gods guard the earth. Or to descend to the ocean level, towards sweet proximity with the creatures of the sea, and to the enchanted valley of…

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São Miguel Active Families 4D

The best gift we can provide to those we love the most. A dream island where there are lagoons whose surface is embroidered with water lilies and where the perfect silence of the place leaks into music; Where whales and dolphins breathe right on us their warm nature of giants, and, sometimes, swim alongside; Where,…

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Discover Pico 5D

Wine – the nectar of the Gods – is aged here since the dawn of times, as if it emerged from the rocks of this impressive island. Outlined by the highest mountain in Portugal and veiled over it day and night, it transforms the scenery every hour. For the connoisseur, as for the simply curious,…

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Pico Island Whale Experience 5D

An experience like no other to observe the biggest animals in the world during their annual migration. From March to June you can watch the great Blue whales, Fin whales, and Sei whales feeding in our rich waters. In addition to those amazing creatures reaching up to 30m, Pico island has sperm whales – the…

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Canyoning Tour to Salto do Cabrito

Futurismo has this ability to create worlds parallel to the usual world, moments that escape from everyday life, escape the known life, and introduce us to a dimension of privilege: Waking up on a bright morning, climbing a trail through the woods and stories, and witnessing the awakening of things in all their splendor. At…

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Canyoning Tour to Ribeira dos Caldeirões

Canyoning places the human being in the pursuit of nature: bonded to rock walls, suspended from heights, it allows him/her to invade water courses and to imitate their rhythm with their body, in a pulsing sensation of the sun, of the breeze, and of the moss. In the most beautiful Ribeira dos Caldeirões, the ascending…

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Jeep Tour Sete Cidades & Lakes – Full day

In a full package that brings together energy, bliss, and fun, we activate the adrenaline thanks to this jeep tour. The activity combines a route through dirt tracks with the sense of freedom possible in bike rides and, also, with the adorable laziness of a kayak experience in the lagoon. From the transcendent heights we…

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Mountain Bike Rental Sete Cidades

Ridding our bikes is to use a means of transportation that is in perfect harmony with the fragile balance of this nature; and to be able to absorb beauty at the pace of our rhythm, creating the most majestic and complete moments. Pedaling while getting acquainted with the beautiful unknown – a personal and active…

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