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Vila do Topo

This eastern end of São Jorge with its flat islet are very photogenic. Around it, you can find a hidden waterfall, a swimming pool by the rocks, a lighthouse and a beautiful viewpoint. Vineyards are also present, sharing the land with corn plantations.

About Vila do Topo

Welcome to the end of São Jorge island, at Vila do Topo. There, life seems to pass by slowly, and the landscapes are to take your breath away. 

From Ponta do Topo, you can have a wonderful view over the islands of the Central Group, rising from the infinite Atlantic. The iconic lighthouse is also nearby, providing a safe journey to international sailors. It is thought that the settlers of São Jorge island first set foot on this wild island in this precise area. 

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Nature & Geology

Another curiosity is the islet of Topo, a place of great natural interest. It is actually a Special Protected Area due to its seabird diversity. In the summer, legend says that cows swim to the 2-acre flat islet, which is about 1km away from land, to graze greener grass.

In fact, the story says that for the Espírito Santo party, a great fest as promised. One of the organizers decided to take 2 cows to the islet in order to graze more grass and get fatter. However, before the party, the ocean was very tough and it was impossible to go pick the two cows, but right before the fest, they appeared, totally dry. Religious locals thanked the Holy Spirit for this kind gesture.

Experiences and Tips

Ponta do Topo is also renowned for scuba diving. Locals and travelers enjoy the clear waters and the beautiful underwater landscapes of this particular spot. It is indeed considered the best place on the island for this practice.

Another thing Topo is famous for is its delicious cheese. You can find it in every market on the island and also on other islands of the Azores. It is a hard and strong cheese, from 2 to 36 months of cure.

Why Futurismo

Things you must see in Vila do Topo

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