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Vila do Porto

Can you imagine the feelings of sailors in the 15th century discovering Santa Maria as the first of 9 islands in the middle of the Atlantic? A great sense of discovering an unknown archipelago where life could start again for many settlers.

About Vila do Porto

Vila do Porto is the only county in Santa Maria Island, made of five municipalities. It is actually the oldest village in the nine islands of the Azores, as Santa Maria was the first island to be discovered by sailors and populated. 

The beautiful town by the ocean was declared a village back in 1470. Nowadays, Vila do Porto is the biggest town on the Yellow island, also known as the Island of the Sun. However, locals have also settled in other parts of the island such as Maia.

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Nature & Geology

Vila do Porto is your first contact with Santa Maria. It gives a very good first impression of the sunny island. Historically, culturally and naturally rich, Vila do Porto has so many things to offer its visitors.

Natural beauty is all around in Vila do Porto. From great views over the pacific to unique green mountains, the only white-sand beaches of the Azores to gigantic waterfalls, Vila do Porto has everything to win your heart.

Santa Maria is known for its idyllic beaches in protected bays. The water is so clear, perfect for snorkeling. On the island, everything is nearby and you can easily go everywhere.

Experiences and Tips

About its historical heritage, Vila do Porto knew how to keep it alive. The center of the town has interesting architecture, significant monuments, and cute medieval streets.

The famous Forte de São Brás is something you will want to visit. You can wander inside the fort built in the 16th century in order to defend the town from pirate attacks. As Vila do Porto was the first village in the Azores, it needed protection. Now, the fort stands still above the harbor and is a great place for enjoying the views.

Why Futurismo

Things you must see in Vila do Porto

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