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Santa Cruz das Flores

Welcome to Flores island. Santa Cruz is where you will first set foot on this wonderful island in the middle of the Atlantic. From there, many adventures are to be taken and many places are to be explored. Friendly locals will lead you to this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

About Santa Cruz das Flores

Santa Cruz das Flores was officially declared a village in 1548. It grew quickly and is now the largest town on the island. Santa Cruz is also where the ferries arrive and the planes land. 

The landscape in Santa Cruz is quite rugged. In the wild island of Flores with the untouched environment, Mother Nature is the one in charge. Volcanic eruptions shaped the island for many centuries, creating deep valleys and dramatic mountains like the highest point of the island – Morro Alto – of 914m high.

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Nature & Geology

There are four municipalities in Santa Cruz, including Ponta Delgada. That is right, there is also a Ponta Delgada in Flores. And it is from there that you can embark on one of the most beautiful walking adventures: the trail to Fajã Grande.

For nature lovers, Santa Cruz is a true paradise. The irregular coast, the safe bays with clear blue waters, iconic islets, and the lush forests around are unique. There are many trails to explore the land, and the underwater world is also to be discovered with a mask and snorkel.

Experiences and Tips

A boat trip is a good example of great outdoor activities to experiment in Santa Cruz das Flores. Many waterfalls and coastal caves are to be discovered from a different perspective. If you would rather relax on the shore, then you can find many natural pools to enjoy the sun.

Last but not least, the museum Fábrica da Baleia do Boqueirão is fascinating, retracing the whale hunting history of Flores island. This place was where the whalers used to take their catch and treat the whales for oil extraction back in the 1940s.

Why Futurismo

Things you must see in Santa Cruz das Flores

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