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Ponta da Ferraria

A unique experience to witness the volcanic origins of the Azores, that is Ponta da Ferraria. Swim in a natural hot spring in the Atlantic Ocean. Indeed, the oceanic water is very warm and welcoming inside the volcanic fissure, allowing a moment of relaxation all year long.

About Ponta da Ferraria

Everything in the Azores is related to geology and volcanoes, from landscapes to the geography of the islands. Nature reigns, it can destroy or create incredible places. Ponta da Ferraria is a good example. 

A long time ago, the volcano Pico das Camarinhas erupted and spread its lava towards the sea. When the contact between hot lava and the cold ocean was established, it gave birth to the fajã – a natural platform between cliffs and sea – of Ponta da Ferraria.

This magical place is in the municipality of Ginetes, on the west coast of São Miguel. It is actually the westernmost point of the island.

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Nature & Geology

At the top of the cliff, there is a viewpoint offering a fantastic view over the mystical Ponta da Ferraria. Not a long-distance away is the lighthouse, worth a small detour. 

The entire area is known as the Regional Natural Monument of Pico das Camarinhas. This designation was created in order to protect the very special environment of this unique volcanic coast.

The natural hot spring of Ferraria offers warm water all year long thanks to volcanic steam coming out of the rocks. It is a unique place in the entire world, an experience not to be missed. 

Experiences and Tips

At sunset, locals and travelers are together for the best experience at Ferraria. The sky fills with countless colors and the surroundings are just incredibly beautiful.

The water temperature at the natural pool can reach 40ºC if you go very close to the rocks at low tide. For the best experience, the ideal time to visit this wonderful place is when the tide is medium-low to enjoy a good temperature.

Tip: Check tides and sea conditions before going to Ferraria.

If you want a more private experience, Termas da Ferraria next to the natural pools is a thermal spa offering multiple therapeutic services.

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    Plan your trip to Ponta da Ferraria

    What is the sea water temperature at Ponta da Ferraria?

    During the Summertime, the water can reach 24˚C (75°F) and during the wintertime, it will not be lower than 16˚C (61°F). So it is always reasonable. When the tide is low, the water temperature can vary between 30ºC and 50ºC (86°F-122°F), depending on how close you stay to the volcanic fissure.

    When the sea tide is not low at Ponta da Ferraria, is it still possible to bathe in the natural swimming pool?

    If the sea conditions allow (low waves and weak wind), you can still bathe in the natural swimming pool, although the water will not be as warm as when the tide is low because there will be a bigger quantity of cold water from the ocean.

    What can I see in Ponta do Escalvado?

    In addition to the wonderful view over the coast and ocean, you will be able to see Mosteiros and Ferraria. On a really sunny day, it is even possible to see Pico mountain – Portugal’s highest mountain and Terceira island.

    Frequently asked about Ponta da Ferraria

    What if I don’t want to bathe at the Ponta da Ferraria’s natural pool?

    It is not mandatory to swim at Ferraria, you can simply enjoy the view and explore around.

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