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A town completely turned to the ocean, where the soothing salty breeze is omnipresent everywhere you go. A smell of holidays and an idyllic vision for sea lovers. The picturesque village of Mosteiros is the place to be for a refill of good vibes and the preferred spot for sunset enthusiasts.

About Mosteiros

The municipality of Mosteiros belongs to Ponta Delgada county. It is located on the Northwestern coast of São Miguel Island, near from the famous Sete Cidades volcanic complex. 

A museum about the fishing industry in Mosteiros was created in 2004. There, you can witness the strong and lifelong connection between Mosteiros and the Atlantic. 

In August, the town celebrates religious figures such as Nossa Senhora da Conceição. The streets are full of locals partying together, dancing and eating in a cheerful atmosphere.

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Nature & Geology

The relationship between the town and the ocean is quite obvious. Surf is the most practiced sport, beaches are the most popular places where locals go and seafood is on all the menus. 

In the summertime, Mosteiros is quite a popular place for locals to enjoy the Atlantic Ocean, sunbathing at the beach or at the natural pools of Poço da Pedra. Fishermen also choose Mosteiros thanks to its rich marine life. 

When volcanoes erupt, they can create wonderful landscapes such as the natural pools made of lava stones. Also, the famous islets are a good example of what nature can do itself. 

Experiences and Tips

Mosteiros is known for being the best spot on São Miguel Island to watch the sunset. There are several picnic areas with barbecue grills to have dinner with spectacular views over the ocean and the multicolor sky. 

Mostly in the summertime when the clouds are away, from Ponta do Escalvado viewpoint, magic happens. In fact, sometimes one can see several islands of the central group of the archipelago from there, with the naked eye or with the binoculars installed there. A magical scenery attracting all the islanders and travelers.

Tip: Check the cloud coverage online and the cameras around the island to make sure to not miss this special moment.

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  • Things you must see in Mosteiros

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    Where is Mosteiros?

    Mosteiros is located on the north-west coast of São Miguel island, about 40 minutes away from Ponta Delgada.

    What can I see in Ponta do Escalvado?

    In addition to the wonderful view over the coast and ocean, you will be able to see Mosteiros and Ferraria. On a really sunny day, it is even possible to see Pico mountain – Portugal’s highest mountain and Terceira island.

    Frequently asked about Mosteiros

    Where is Mosteiros?

    Mosteiros is located on the north-west coast of São Miguel island, about 40 minutes away from Ponta Delgada.

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