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Land of the delicious wines, Madalena is distinguished by its natural beauty, cultural wealth and landscape uniqueness. The vineyards of Madalena are protected by UNESCO due to their singularity. They create a landscape unique in the world and you will want to know more about them.

About Madalena

Madalena in Pico Island is the wine capital of the Azores. There, you can visit the wine museum created in 1999 to learn more about this tasty beverage. Tasting some of the wines is a must.

The vineyards by the ocean provide this singular taste reminding of the salty breeze of the ocean. The fact that they are planted in volcanic soil is also a factor in the final result. This wine is not equalized anywhere else in the world.

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Nature & Geology

Filled with unique green vineyards between lava walls, the trail of Criação Velha in Madalena is not to be missed. The beauty of the landscape is very special, something you cannot see anywhere else in the world. There is a beautiful natural pool between lava rocks to cool down after the walk.

The volcanic landscape used for wine production is so singular that it is part of UNESCO’s heritage since 2004. Locals are proud of their unrepeatable wine and vineyards.

Experiences and Tips

Cella Bar is also a unique place located by the coast near Madalena. What makes it so special is its unconventional architecture. It won several prizes thanks to its particular beauty. A wonderful view of the islets of Madalena and Faial island can be observed from there.

Also in Madalena county, you can go to the mountain house, at 1,230m above sea level to learn more about the highest mountain of Portugal, named like the island: Pico. From there, for the brave ones, you can start the climb to the top of Pico mountain, up to 2,351m high. It is a unique experience to be done with a guide.

Why Futurismo

Things you must see in Madalena

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