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Lajes do Pico

Whalecome to Lajes do Pico, where incredible marine life cohabit in the wild Atlantic all year round. Discover a wonderful underwater world filled with oceanic giants and much smaller inhabitants. For a long time the magnificent whales were hunted, but now, locals and travellers enjoy the sight of them.

About Lajes do Pico

Lajes do Pico was the first place to be settled on Pico Island, a bit before the year 1460. At that time and for an entire year, only the sailor Fernando Álvares Evangelho and his dog managed to live in this wild area threatened by the raging ocean. 

But the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Lajes do Pico was more of a blessing. Indeed, it was rich in marine life. This represented a great economic opportunity for the islanders, who started to hunt whales in the 19th century.

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Nature & Geology

The whale hunting tradition came from American influence. Almost all parts of the whales were used for different means such as oil, detergent, scrimshaw, or pharmaceutics. The material was exported throughout the world, mostly to America and Europe.

The whaling times went on until 1987 when the last whale was caught. Over 12,000 whales were killed in the Azores during the time when it was allowed. To know more about the whaling history and heritage of Pico Island, the Whalers Museum is a very interesting visit, providing fascinating information.

Experiences and Tips

Nowadays, whale hunting turned into whale watching, a much more peaceful practice to honor and protect whales. The transition was very important for the economy of the islands as well, as it brought tourism as a new source of wealth. Some features of the whaling times remained such as the lookout who informs the boat where the whales are located.

With Futurismo, you can embark to see whales and dolphins in Lajes do Pico, and also swim with wild dolphins. An experience you will never forget.

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    Things you must see in Lajes do Pico

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    How to get to Pico Island?

    You can get to Pico Island by sea and air. Atlântico Line ferries offer several daily connections to other islands of the Azores archipelago (most of them with the “neighbor” islands of Faial and São Jorge – especially during the summer months).

    By air, Sata/Azores Airlines and TAP Portugal offer regular direct flights to Pico with prices varying a lot in-between seasons.

    What to do in Pico Island?

    As you may have already understood, Pico Island is full of beautiful places to explore and an extraordinary cultural patrimony to be discovered.

    We offer a great number of experiences (cultural or adventures) on Pico Island that should not be missed. Have a look and get in touch with us by chat, email, or phone if you need some kind of help on deciding what to do first.

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