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Lagoa do Fogo

This awe-inspiring turquoise lake is a pure testimony of nature’s pace. Many stories can be told and yours might just start here. This least humanized and preserved area, even had its pumice beach, on the lagoon margins, awarded the best wild beach in Portugal, within 7 wonders – Beaches of Portugal Contest.

About Lagoa do Fogo

Fogo Volcano, also known as the Serra da Água de Pau Volcanic Massif, is a stratovolcano formed over the last 15,000 years, being the youngest and smallest caldera on São Miguel.

The irregular elliptical basin is the result of the most recent eruptive activity in 1563. Therefore, this striking lagoon is 3 by 2.5 km, with an average depth of 30 meters.

Notably, Lagoa do Fogo, for its national, geo-touristic, and scientific relevance has been recognized as – Lagoa do Fogo Nature Reserve – a protected area, also as an integral part of the Natura Network 2000 – Sites of Community Interest.

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Nature & Geology

One of the highlights of Lagoa do Fogo is how it displays so clearly the layers of time, from its volcanic collapsed caldera, pyroclastic deposits, landslides, to the wide range of flora and fauna. The quiescent volcano, has an active hydrothermal system with fumaroles, thermal and is a source of an important water supply on the south part of the island.

In its perimeter, several species of endemic dense flora and vegetation, create a harmonious palette of different shades of green. Besides, in the quiet of the lagoon birds exhale songs to the wind.

Lagoa do Fogo’s climate is mainly influenced by its elevated terrain. Constant low clouds might loom over the lake, burying this blue water treasure from sight.

Experiences and Tips

Whether you choose to come from the north side or south part of the island, you can easily find your way or even connect to GPS, a majestic scenery will always accompany you. Enjoy the hidden gems throughout this roller coaster of immense greenery landscape. Take a break at each viewpoint area, embrace what life/nature has to offer you.

Tip: Check the weather! (We recommend downloading the free Spotazores webcams app)

Without a doubt, if you feel adventurous, there is nothing more memorable than a hike down to the lake to walk along the private beach of pumice stone. Keep in mind to gear up for this short but steep hike.

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    Will I be able to swim in Fogo lake?

    No, Fogo Lake is a natural reserve, and for natural preservation purposes, it is not authorized to bathe in the lake.

    How should the hiking boots fit?

    You should feel comfortable in your boots and practice walking with it before your trip.

    How to pack a hiking backpack?

    Your backpack should not be too heavy, but should contain the essential. Please check the “What to bring” section on each tour.

    Frequently asked about Lagoa do Fogo

    Will I be able to swim in Fogo lake?

    No, Fogo Lake is a natural reserve, and for natural preservation purposes, it is not authorized to bathe in the lake.

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