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A little but active town by the ocean, ideal for a stroll on a sunny day. In the center, the paintings of international sailors create a beautiful atmosphere on the marina. The volcanic origins of Faial island can be very well seen only some kilometres away at Capelinhos volcano.

About Horta

Horta and its colourful marina attract travellers from all over the world and sailors from the five oceans. This true gallery at open-air near the main town of the island is like entering a world of colours, distinguishing itself from other grey cities. 

When you go into the centre of Horta, you will quickly realize locals and travellers gather around one spot: Peter Cafe Sport. There, in addition to delicious drinks and food, you can admire the scrimshaw art collection in the exhibition part.

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Nature & Geology

Nature-wise, Horta is dotted with a heavenly beach called Porto Pim. Surrounded by a green mountain and gifted with transparent waters, it is a wonderful place to take a break and enjoy the Azorean sun. However, be careful during Spring and Summer as the dangerous Portuguese man-o-wars can be floating in the water. Always ask the locals before going for a swim.

Some kilometers away from town are some of the most atypical landscapes of the archipelago such as Capelinhos volcano – a rustic dessert with interesting geological history – or Caldeira do Faial – the greenest place you will ever see.

Experiences and Tips

With wonderful views over Pico mountain, Horta is a nice little town with all the essential services and goods. Arriving by boat or plane, Horta will be your first contact with the beautiful Faial island, also known as the Blue island due to hydrangeas blooming all around in the summer.

In the narrow streets of Horta center, historical monuments are to be visited such as Santa Cruz fort or Nossa Senhora das Angústias church. Cultural events occur all year round in this lively town with many music concerts, art expositions and sports competitions.

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    How to get to Pico Island?

    You can get to Pico Island by sea and air. Atlântico Line ferries offer several daily connections to other islands of the Azores archipelago (most of them with the “neighbor” islands of Faial and São Jorge – especially during the summer months).

    By air, Sata/Azores Airlines and TAP Portugal offer regular direct flights to Pico with prices varying a lot in-between seasons.


    Air: All the islands of the Azores are connected by air, through the operator Sata Regional – Air Açores.

    Sea: Maritime connections between all the islands are provided from May to October by the shipping company Atlânticoline, and the islands of Faial, Pico and São Jorge have connections throughout the year by Transmaçor and Expresso do Triângulo.

    Land: On all islands there is a network of bus, taxi and rent-a-car services.

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