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Ponta da Ferraria

Everything in the Azores is related to geology and volcanoes, from landscapes to the geography of the islands. Nature reigns, it can destroy or create incredible places. Ponta da Ferraria is a good example.  A long time ago, the volcano Pico das Camarinhas erupted and spread its lava towards the sea. When the contact between…

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Ribeira dos Caldeirões

The Natural Park of Ribeira dos Caldeirões is a protected area in the municipality of Achada, São Miguel. It is inside the protected area of Serra da Tronqueira. There, you will see several mills built in the 16th century. They were responsible for a big source of subsistence and wealth in the region. One of…

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Salto do Cabrito

The waterfall of Salto do Cabrito is a place full of history. Near the waterfall is the Hydro Power Plant of Fajã Redonda, built in the 1920s. It provided electricity to Ponta Delgada. The energy was produced with all manual equipment. A very important structure for the life of Azoreans in the 19th century. Only…

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Mount Pico

There is no more poetic place in the Azores than this magnificent volcano. At the summit, the four other islands of the Azorean central group are revealing themselves on bright days. Above the clouds, it is a dreamy scenery to observe the sun rising from the infinite ocean and setting, leaving all of us in…

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In the old times, this same trail was used by farmers who worked on the fertile lands of the area. Nowadays, it is an important point of passage for the pilgrims walking the entire island every year.  This off-the-beaten-track way passed by the South Eastern coast of São Miguel Island. The starting point is at…

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Faial da Terra

Located in Povoação county, on the southeastern coast of São Miguel Island, Faial da Terra is a place filled with history and heritage with a church, a chapel, and several fountains.  Agriculture is the main source of wealth for the 360 inhabitants of Faial da Terra. From the 16th century, the fertile land and the…

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Vila do Corvo

In the town where the small population of Corvo is concentrated, wander through the typical narrow streets full of charm. You will discover a church, handicraft shops, museums and so much more. A few minutes away from the center, the famous photogenic mills lie by the Atlantic Ocean. In the summertime they are open and…

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Santa Cruz das Flores

Santa Cruz das Flores was officially declared a village in 1548. It grew quickly and is now the largest town on the island. Santa Cruz is also where the ferries arrive and the planes land.  The landscape in Santa Cruz is quite rugged. In the wild island of Flores with the untouched environment, Mother Nature…

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Lajes das Flores

In the westernmost county of Europe, nature and locals seem to live in harmony. The natural wealth of Lajes is breathtaking. Landscapes are like nothing you could ever see in the world.  The seven lakes of all shapes and colors are to visit. There are many trails to discover the natural wonders of Flores. Lajes…

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Horta and its colourful marina attract travellers from all over the world and sailors from the five oceans. This true gallery at open-air near the main town of the island is like entering a world of colours, distinguishing itself from other grey cities.  When you go into the centre of Horta, you will quickly realize…

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