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Responsible Tourism

Did you know that Futurismo is the leader in Responsible tourism in the Azores archipelago? We also have been officially certified by the World Cetacean Alliance as a Responsible Whale and Dolphin Watching company. We are very proud of our title and always aim to become more sustainable. But how do we do so? Learn more about our passion for sustainability here.

Environmentally aware

Taking care of nature

Futurismo is one of the very first companies that were responsible for the transition from whale hunting to whale watching in the Azores. Actually, it was the first whale and dolphin watching company in São Miguel island. We wanted to create a form of seeing those wild cetaceans peacefully, embracing the local traditions that can help us do so with eco-awareness. For instance, we hire Vigias, coastal lookouts who will guide our boats to the whales thanks to binoculars and radios. That allows us to consume less fuel because we know exactly where to go. 

On land and at sea, when we see litter during our tours, we will take it off the natural environment and encourage our guests to not leave anything behind but footprints. We already took incredible items from the ocean, such as a fridge, a helmet, and of course, many deadly fishing nets. Help us preserve the planet and join us on a responsible outdoor adventure!

Another example of our commitment to nature is the beach cleanups that we organize several times a year. In those events, our team, along with tourists and locals, will join forces to deep clean a particular beach or other types of natural environment that needs human intervention. 

Helping Cetaceans

We understand that working with wild animals can have negative impacts. But at Futurismo, we take care of our nature. We are official partners with the world’s largest organization to save whales and dolphins: the World Cetacean Alliance. They certified us as a responsible whale watching operator because we follow strict rules to observe these mysterious animals peacefully. We take great care of not disturbing cetaceans or their natural habitats. Our experiences are carried out with the goal to contemplate the unique beauty of these fascinating mammals.

Here in the Azores, we are lucky to be in one of the most sustainable destinations in the world, in addition, to be the best place in Europe to see whales and dolphins. As we are in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, we have unique conditions for a lot of migratory species, including whales, but also birds!

Doing Research

It has been many years since Futurismo understood that tourism is not enough. We want to protect our beloved free animals, and that is why we decided to also invest in scientific research. Indeed, our staff at sea is made of professional marine biologists currently investigating the Azorean marine life in order to participate in the global research progress. When we go to the ocean, we also collect important data about the animals that we see and share this information with scientists from all over the world. We also take part in international congresses and meetings every year. 

Our main goal with all the research that we do is to learn more about the migrating routes and distribution of whales around the world. We always seek to deepen our knowledge about cetaceans. We truly are nature lovers, we hope that through observations and studies, we can be more able to preserve the environment, keeping our connection with cetaceans alive and without risk for both parties.

Learn more about our science and research projects to preserve whales and dolphins.

Socially involved

Helping mentally disabled locals


At Futurismo, we truly think that it is as well important to help the local community in our activities. We are partners with several local associations and institutions such as Aurora Social, an institution that aims to integrate mentally disabled people into society, giving them job opportunities for example. This partnership is very special to us and we are proud to help them in various ways. For instance, we sell handicrafts that they make in our shop at Ponta Delgada harbor. They also prepare the picnic lunches that we distribute to our guests on full-day tours. As a way to thank them, we let them come with us on sea tours to enjoy the many benefits that animals can have on our mental health. Note that several of our activities are available for disabled people. The access to our amazing adventures for people with disabilities or disadvantaged people is really important to us and we will make efforts to always improve it.

Learn more about our Giving Back philosophy.

Interacting with locals

We want to provide enjoyable adventures for tourists through meaningful connections with local people. Meet our friendly local guides, or also on most tours, you will meet local people on your way! The understanding of our local cultural heritage is important for a responsible journey, that is why we will always make sure you discover the most of it on every tour. We are proud of our islands and we want travelers to see it through the eyes of locals, with respect and confidence. 

Educating the future generations

For us it is very important to educate and raise eco-awareness among the young ones. They are the ones who will be responsible in some years for taking care of our planet, they represent a big hope for a healthy future. That is why every year, we try to integrate environmental education in the local schools of São Miguel Island. Indeed, our marine biologists and expert guides will go to the primary and secondary schools in order to introduce the Azorean nature to our little locals. We love sharing our dedication to nature with them, and we think they also like hearing from us and joining us on whale and dolphin-watching trips!

Learn more about our effort to educate young Azoreans about their environment.

Economically beneficial

Collaborating with local businesses

Contributing to the local economy is a must in order to consider ourselves as a responsible company. We want to help our community out for it to grow and be wealthy, thanks to the tourism market. Did you know that on our full-day tours, we will take you to small traditional restaurants? This is not only to make you taste delicious local dishes, but also for the sake of our local economy, to benefit local restaurant owners, of course.

Our intention is to enrich your holidays in the Azores by putting you in contact with local trades and the local people that can share and experience with you. In the goal to generate greater economic benefits for local people and to enhance the well being of the host community, several of our tours include a visit to local producers. It makes you learn more about our culture and traditions, and benefit them in their local business. You always have the possibility to buy their products or handcrafts at the end of the visit. We pass by local shops, factories, museums and so much more! Feel free to interact with them, they love talking about the traditions and Azorean way of life.

Watching whales for the sake of the Azores

In the old times whale hunting was a very important source of wealth in the whole Azores archipelago. Since its prohibition, tourism has grown a lot and now, watching whales and dolphins has become a thing you must do if you are going to visit our islands. Futurismo is one of the companies responsible of this transition! Whale watching is a very important activity for the local community. Plus, the money earned by Futurismo is invested in research through buying new material, sending our staff to international scientific congresses, and many other ways. Then our research helps the Azorean environment and the local community and it is a virtuous circle for the Region.

Learn more about why choosing us over another company.

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