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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to create value and bring prosperity to the Azores and the Azoreans, decisively contributing to the qualification and betterment of tourism in the Azores, through science, education, culture, and sharing, aiming to create memories and impact travelers, in perfect respect for our land and our people.

Reason for Existence

The first of our futures was just a dream. To create a different way of living the Azorean touristic experience. That hasn't changed and it is still the driving force of our project and the reason why we are in it together.

Unifying Factor

Despite different interests, all of our stakeholders do agree on the need to evolve different tourism that creates value for our community while protecting nature.

Ecosystem Approach

The Azores tourism must commit to the sustainable development of our land, understanding the key issues and all the spillovers in the ecosystem that surround us during our operations and the impact that is both negative and positive.

Decision Making Guide

Decision-making in the company is oriented by the need to balance economic growth and financial sustainability with the creation of a kind of tourism that impacts The Traveler while safeguarding the local community and environment.

Sustainable Competitive Advantage

The creation of shared value is aligned with our objective of creating impacting experiences. Only with our community nature and heritage can we build those desired experiences. Our success is not despite our purpose, but because of our purpose.

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