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Política de Proteção dos Animais

Wildlife Experiences on our Tours

As a purpose-driven, responsible and sustainable company, Futurismo Azores Adventures believes that our actions throughout all of our tours can´t, in any way, negatively impact the welfare of animals we encounter and can contribute towards their protection. This goal is a continuous ongoing process and Futurismo is always trying to improve and assess our animal interaction.

Our animal welfare policy is based on the Azorean legislation and on the work of several international organizations, especially the World Cetacean Alliance, which has certified us as a Responsible Whale Watching Operator.

This contribution and constant assessment of the welfare and conservation of animals during our activities is ensured also by our professional team of marine biologists and through all the internal scientific research as well as with the cooperation work with scientific and educational institutions Worldwide.

As an example, guidelines for responsible whale watching practices were developed by our team and are on our website so that our clients can get to know them and be more informed.

Wildlife Experiences on our Industry

There are practices that Futurismo considers to be unacceptable and does not offer in any way:

  • Activities involving captive whales and dolphins
  • Physical interaction with wild animals where the animal does not have the choice of ending the interaction and moving away
  • Live shows with wild animals
  • Physical interaction or feeding of wild animals
  • Animals are involved in fights due to human action
  • Drugging of animals to subdue them
  • Trade and sale of wildlife-related products
  • Hunting of any kind
  • Activities involving captive whales and dolphins

Our five rules for viewing Wildlife

There are rules when viewing wildlife with Futurismo that will be followed:

Do's of Animal encounters

Our list of recommendations for a responsible interaction with wild animals:

Keep your distance

Research on companies' or venues' policies and statements

Educate yourself on best practices

Check to see if trained staff runs the experience

Use your voice to stand for the animals if you think rules are not being met

Keep in mind that you are the privileged one, not the animals

Dont's of Animal encounters

Our list of actions not to be taken in interaction with wild animals:

Don't try to touch, pursue, feed or harass the animals in any way

Don't visit attractions using wild animals trained for shows with behaviors that are not natural

Don´t buy souvenirs made with body parts of animals

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