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Turismo Transformacional e Regenerativo


Tourism should be different

From the very beginning of our project, we believed that tourism should be different. It can be a force for good and it has to be faced as a privilege. Our own name, Futurismo (Future+tourism) was a provocation to the tourism we had in the Azores, but also to us. A sort of continuous challenge going forward. Our idea was to create something different, that could impact more profoundly the travelers and the Azoreans. Going slower and more profoundly to discover each other.

As time went by we strived to achieve that. We wanted to play with time, slowing it down during our experiences, immersing us and the travelers in a good sense of connection. A connection that comes from within each one of us and with the energy the Azores offer. To create moments of learning and sharing that could lead to the growth of all those involved, towards a positive impact on People, Planet and Wildlife.

Transformational Travel Council Allies

That is why we are today proudly Allies of the Transformational Travel Council, and with a huge sense of responsibility, home of the Portuguese Ambassador, our Director Carlos Picanço, for this wonderful group of individuals and companies pushing for a different tourism philosophy, at a Worldwide level.
As stated by the TTC, “The world is changing. It’s time for conscious evolution in travel and tourism. We’re using this moment as a launchpad to something completely different, a transformation economy, and encouraging a mindset, approach, and model that measures success based on more holistic, conscious, and virtuous outcomes.
We believe meaningful travel starts from the inside out – and that is where we’ve fallen short, with travel often reinforcing existing boundaries, worldviews, and practices, rather than stretching and illuminating them. The deep impacts of such personal transformations create ripples of impact felt by all.”


Hence, we fully support and promote the TTC ideals, especially a very simple one. Travel changes us! Until you order The Transformational Travel Journal, why not consider two simple ways of travel.

One is following the
PATH (Prepare + Adventure + Think + Honor)
for a better inner journey:

a. Why do you travel? what are your goals?
b. Set your intentions for the trip!
c. Accept that you have to disconnect


a. Set out to explore with good intentions.
b. Accept your feelings towards the discoveries.
c. Immerse yourself willingly in new experiences.
d. Focus on the present.


a. What did you learn about yourself during those experiences?
b. Did something change?
c. What is going home with you?


a. How did travel change you?
b. Choose to accept the change that may come from your travels

And while you follow the PATH, do it with
HEART (Humble + Engaged + Awake + Resilient + Thankful)

Approach travel and the experiences with a positive attitude of empathy, non-judgement and will to learn. Try to understand us and our community.


Choose to participate and not just to watch. Assume your role as a member of our experiences and leave your comfort zone. We´ll have more fun together.


Pay close attention to the circumstances in and around you. Own your choices and your actions and live them in the full.


Accept challenges we may give you with an open mind. Being a rough sea or a steep hill, do an extra effort to elevate your experience and push yourself into the challenge. Try to find growth when surpassing what could be a limitation.


Have a gratitude mindset towards our community and our islands. You´re our guest and we hope you can be a good steward to us.

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