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Turismo Responsável


Travel is a privilege

We do believe that tourism is a force for good and that travel is a privilege. Therefore we defend and uphold the practices of responsible travel and expect our guests to share those with our people, wildlife and planet at large.

Tourism is not about entitlement, but about memory making, learning, sharing and conscious personal growth.

All of us can make a difference by following some simple rules:

Honour the Azores and the Azoreans

Your vacation time is the Azorean’s daily time and the places of experiences for you are a place of family memories and personal stories for our community.

Prepare yourself in advance

Research a little about the Azores and the Azoreans. Our culture and our history. This will help you understand more who we are but also immerse yourself in our daily lives. Olá! (Hello) Bom dia! (Good morning) Obrigado! (Thank you) Learn some Portuguese words.

Pack correctly! Come light!

The weather in the Azores is mild. Never too hot, never too cold. Use layers. The Azores are casual. This means you can pack lightly and reduce your carbon emissions impact. Do not forget your reusable water bottle, reusable bag and your own toiletries. Small actions, big impact!

Be empathetic with our way of living

We have our own culture and way of living. It may be different from yours. A little or a lot. Be empathetic and courteous at all times and don´t judge differences. Embrace it!

Don´t be shy! We talk a lot!

Respect our community but engage with us. Share! Learn! Azoreans are warm people that love a good conversation and good energy. A genuine exchange of stories and feelings will give you the World amongst us.

Know us!

Take your time to visit our museums and our patrimony. Go on a tour to learn more about us, our history and our stories. Go to a local coffee shop and engage.

Take care of our home! It is also your planet!

Vacation time is not a time to forget about the need to reduce our environmental impact. Always be a guardian of our natural resources. Avoid any possible negative impact and take attention to plastics, official trails and patrimony.

Outmost respect for Wildlife and Nature.

At every moment, do not forget that animals have intrinsic value and can´t be objectified. Always select responsible operators and experiences.

Follow the rules

At all moments, respect the official indications whatever they are. Health, safety, prohibited locations. Pay attention to official rules.

Buy local

We have amazing artisans and small family-owned shops. Beautiful farmer’s markets and small grocery stores. Contribute to our local economy and hence, to our local community.

Eat local

Our cuisine goes from traditional to modern and it is based on locally produced products. Support that at all times, for the environment and for our local economy.

Reduce your impact

Try to minimize your impact on the environment, avoiding single-use plastic and other material that is harmful. When not possible to avoid, dispose of them in a responsible way.

Save energy and water

We´re small islands, dependent, and therefore it is really important that you help us reduce our energy and water consumption. Do this at all times, especially in your accommodation.

Support local and responsible tourism companies

Do your homework and choose locally owned companies with sustainable concerns at the centre of their operations. Choosing just price over responsibility may be an immediate gratification but you will not be helping the community and the sustainability efforts of our islands.

Use digital platforms wisely and with purpose.

Try to support local businesses with honest reviews. If it is a bad one, have a constructive mindset and explain in a way we can improve. Pay attention to photos and videos in moments that can have significance in terms of religion and culture, asking for permission.

Be an active guardian!

Demand justice and responsibility. Despite being on vacation, take your time to
report bad environmental attitudes, injustice, exploitation or discrimination.

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