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Capelinhos volcano

– Capelinhos is the youngest volcano of the Azores, formed only 60 years ago. It is still possible to wander through the “lunar” landscape made of ashes.

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– Caldeira forms a nature reserve incredibly rich in the endemic flora of the Azores. The giant crater is for sure one of the island’s major natural attractions. It rises up to 1,043m (3,422ft) from the sea level at Cabeço Gordo, the island’s highest point, with a crater diameter of about 2km. – Its last eruption…

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Czar wine cellars

– The Czar is a small particular producer that stepped in the footsteps of his father. Moreover, it is the only one on the island producing the original licorous Pico wine (not fortified).

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Two options

– We will visit either the wine cellars of Azores Wine Company (Cais do Mourato) or the ones of Czar (São Roque).

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Azores Wine Company (Cais do Mourato)

– The Azores Wine Company exists since 2014. They are producing certified high quality wines and export them to Michelin star restaurants worldwide. Their main focus lies on white wines made out of the island’s original grape varieties. That is because of the special characteristics of the island (Terroir).

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Back home

– Back at the surface, we return to Lajes do Pico, where we will discover more about the island’s geology.

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Gruta das Torres

– When we arrive at Gruta das Torres, we will get our equipment for the upcoming underground adventure with a helmet and flashlights. – During the guided tour of approximately 1 hour, we will visit around 500m of the total 5,150m long lava tube. – The tube extends from Cabeço Bravo towards Criação Velha lava…

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