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Environmental Policy

Futurismo Azores Adventures not just recognize, but exist upon the idea that the Environment is a strategic management element.

We defend and believe that tourism,  and especially nature-based, adventure, cultural, and educational tourism, that delivers responsible, inspiring, personal enriching experiences,  is a force for good and the better comprehension of ourselves, others, and the planet we inhabit.
As a 31-year-old, purpose-driven, responsible business that has its field of operations in nature-based tourism, seeking the reduction and mitigation of the impact of our activity is a pillar of our existence.
Our action is divided into three pillars: People - Planet - Wildlife, aimed at working towards improving life through tourism, impacting positively our community, our biodiversity, and our Planet, as well as those who visit our Archipelago.

We do recognize and accept that our planet faces unprecedented challenges, not only at the level of climate change but also in biodiversity loss.
We do recognize and accept that we owe a stewardship role to communities, nature, and ecosystems that we explore in our adventures.
Our path into sustainability has been ruled by solid internal values, shared by our team and at the center of our foundational purpose, but we are working increasingly hard and better to assess our performance of Social, Environmental, and Economic impacts.

Our Strategic Plan has Sustainability at its center and diverse actions are into place

  • improve the measure and reporting of our actions
  • increase the initiatives we do and support locally
  • diversify and be even more active in initiatives, benchmarking, and good practices at a national and international level
  • pursue a sustainability certification
  • start measuring our carbon emissions
  • study credible offsetting projects to deploy them once the measurement work is complete

What we are doing to improve life for the PEOPLE

  • We employ our team, from our community, full-time, year-round, with a proper contract
  • We comply with all legal requisites of labor laws
  • We pursue equality, non-discrimination, and the protection of human rights in all that we do
  • We support our local community, with all of our guides, accommodations, food venues, and experiences at large, being done by local community members
  • We support local start-ups and social cooperatives, helping them prosper in the work they do
  • We do not offer cultural experiences that are not respectful to our community
  • We do stand for the authenticity and significance of our traditions and cultural identity and heritage
  • We educate children through our educational programs in schools, educational centers
  • We educate and give unique experiences to vulnerable members of the community taking them on educational day trips and seminars in diverse teams
  • We educate our community and visitors on environmental and cultural themes through our open conferences
  • We cooperate with multiple social institutions to give access to our experiences to an audience that couldn´t benefit them otherwise
  • We are founding members of Aqua - Cooperativa para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável do Mar, CRL (with the Fishermen Association of Rabo de Peixe and the Naval Club of Rabo de Peixe) a socioeconomic and cultural project that aims to value one the poorest and discriminated villages of our region
  • We are founding members of AESA, an association of businesses for the promotion of sustainable development of the Azores
  • We are allies of The Transformational Travel Council, and home for the Portuguese Ambassador, a worldwide organization that connects hundreds of members that are trying to implement a more holistic and impactful vision of tourism
  • We receive researchers and students from schools, universities, and research centers worldwide, to work and research with access to our scientific data
  • We keep a house at our own expense to host, in better conditions and conditions of comfort, researchers and students that come here to work with us

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