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Active stewardship for the Azores Community & Culture


As “saudade”, also “açorianidade” can´t be translated. It can only be felt and shared by Azoreans. These words convey the unique feeling of what is to, historically, geographically, socially, and philosophically, being Azorean.

The feeling of being born of sea and basalt, having lava and salt for blood, and using windstorms to dry our clothes.

We´re proudly Azoreans and we´re committed to enabling our community to have the true benefit from tourism economic prosperity.

We do this through the work with community-based institutions and our work in schools and other educational and science-based initiatives.


Our projects on the People pillar aim to benefit our community as well as knowledge dissemination.

With a strong focus on education, citizenship, support of locally owned small companies, and equal access to opportunities for vulnerable audiences, we try to safeguard our culture, heritage, and sense of identity, whilst promoting the reduction of inequalities.

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Adventure awaits!

Join us for amazing holidays full of outdoor
adventures in the Azores Islands.

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