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Our Story

Futurismo Azores Adventures is a local Azorean tourism company with 30+ years of experience! Several people inside our staff have been here since the early years. Even with a growing team welcoming people from all horizons, we are still a family-owned company and proud of it. Discover more about Futurismo Family.

Leaders in Active Tourism

Futurismo was created with the purpose of creating unique and unforgettable experiences that will turn into warm memories, and, in the process, help change the travelers' relationship with the world.

Nowadays, Futurismo is the largest active tourism company in the Azores archipelago, offering a variety of packages of sea and land activities throughout the Azores archipelago. We are very proud of our long and ongoing journey. We believe that Futurismo is a beautiful project in which all of our staff is involved, as well as our guests who join us on adventures.

30+ years of experience

It was in 1990 that Futurismo Azores Adventures was created, by Mr. Ruben Rodrigues, who is still the current CEO of the company. At that time, we were only a sailboat charter and not operating outdoor adventures as we are now.

However, as we were absolutely passionate about the ocean from the very beginning, and thanks to the end of whale hunting, we quickly decided to raise awareness about those wonderful creatures. We wanted to enjoy seeing those wild animals, totally free and in their natural environment. And it was possible thanks to the great marine biodiversity we have here in the Azores. That is why we began offering whale and dolphin watching tours in 1994, on the North coast of São Miguel island, at first.

In 1999, our Government decided to help with tourism projects and we began to receive many travelers from different countries. We could buy new material, enlarge our activity and expand to Pico Island and in the South Coast of São Miguel, where we are mainly operating today. And that is how in 2004, we could create different kinds of land tours, for the times when we couldn’t go to the ocean due to bad sea conditions. Between jeep tours, hiking tours, van tours, and later on, bike tours, we were and still are very happy to show the wonderful landscapes of our islands to the brave travellers.

When we began, we didn’t have a big fleet to offer. Over the years, we acquired bigger and more comfortable boats, but also small and fast ones. In 2010, we bought our famous Cetus catamaran, a boat with enough interior and exterior space to welcome about 70 people onboard. The year after that, our company was officially branded as “Futurismo Azores Adventures”, including the sea part as “Futurismo Azores Whale Watching”.

Changing the way we see whales

The transition from whale hunting to whale watching was a victory for the preservation of those animals, and we celebrate it by visiting them peacefully. However, whale watching kept the best of traditional whale hunting.

For instance, we still have lookouts called “vigias” on land to guide us to the whales, thanks to binoculars and a radio system. With the goal to protect whales and dolphins, and not chase them anymore, we joined forces with the World Cetacean Alliance in 2013 to make cetaceans voices heard. We also let scientific research be a big part of our company. We also earned the official recognition as a responsible whale watching company.

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