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In the Azores, there are more and more tourism agencies that offer incredible adventures. So, why choosing Futurismo when there are so many choices? Discover why we are the best option of all.

Futurismo Azores Adventures is the leader in adventure tourism in the Azores archipelago. We are a family-owned company, with a friendly multicultural and multilingual staff. We are passionate about what we do and can’t wait to show you the beauty of our islands on various amazing adventures. 

Top 10 reasons why you should go on a tour with us

1. We are not just about tourism

During all our tours at sea, we collect scientific data that we will later on analyse and share with researchers from all over the world. The investigation that we do on the field is very important worldwide to better understand the behavior and territorial patterns of whales, dolphins and all kind of marine life. At Futurismo, we are proud of hiring promising marine biologists who keep on playing a part in the scientific world. When you join us on a tour, you contribute to the progress of our research. Help us make a difference!

2. Adrenaline or comfort?

Do you prefer an extreme adventure or a cosy one? At Futurismo, we have all kinds of land and sea fleet so we can fulfil everyone’s needs, from the youngest age to elderly people. On land, enjoy a comfy ride in a stable van with all the equipment needed to relax and have great vacations, or opt for one of our fierce 4WD jeeps for river crossing and dirt roads. At sea, we have our spacious catamarans where you can sit inside if it is too cold for you outside or you can walk freely around the deck. On our speedy zodiac boats, we are closer to the water and arrive first to the whales. Prepare to have a bumpy ride and get some splashes.

3. Proud of our professional guides

When you go on a sea tour with us, our guides are actually professional marine biologists who knows what they are talking about. They know everything about cetaceans and have so much knowledge to share with you. Our experienced guides on land are experts in the environment, culture, geology and history of our islands. If you want to know more about the Azores, they are the ones you should speak to. One thing is for sure, at sea or on land, you will learn a lot about the Azorean nature. 

4. We speak your language

Our sea and land staff come from all around the globe. We probably speak your language or at least a language you can understand. We can provide most of our services in Portuguese, English, French, German, Spanish, and many other languages. Ask us when you book the tour if we have a guide who speaks your language so that we can better be prepared to offer you a great and personalised experience in our company. We don’t want anyone to feel that they are being left behind. 

5. 100% Guarantee of seeing a cetacean

There is a high success rate of seeing a whale or dolphin in the Azores, that is why it is the best destination in Europe to see them in the wild where they belong. At Futurismo, we guarantee at least one cetacean sighting and if you do not see any whale or dolphin (which doesn’t happen so frequently), we will give you the opportunity to reschedule another tour absolutely free of charge with us. We want to make sure that you see those wonderful wild and free animals in their natural environment.

6. 30+ years of experience

We are one of the oldest tourism companies in the whole Azores Islands, and the first whale and dolphin watching company in São Miguel. We began in 1990 as a sail boat charter but then decided to focus on cetaceans, and later on, on showing the natural beauty of the archipelago on land. Through our diverse experiences, we want to offer high quality experiences for travellers to explore and enjoy the Azores, so much that they want to come back. We still have a long journey to do, and we will continue the project Futurismo as long as we can. Read more about our story.

7. Choose responsible

If you care about nature as much as we do, then we are made to be together, during a responsible and fun experience. We have been certified by the World Cetacean Alliance - the biggest organisation for the protection of cetaceans worldwide - as a responsible whale watching company. We love our wild animals and we respect them, thanks to a strict code of conduct to approach whales. Our skippers have years of experience and we always evaluate the behaviour of the animals. If they don’t feel comfortable with our presence, we will leave them alone. We do not want to harm them or make them feel scared of human presence. On land we partner up with associations such as the project Priolo to preserve our beautiful nature.

8. Small group adventures

At Futurismo, we believe that Less is More. In that sense, less people is more intimacy and you will enjoy more your experience in the Azores. We want to give you an almost private and down to earth adventure. Forget big buses full of people for sightseeing tours, we prefer our small vans and jeeps. At sea, you can choose with our big catamarans, accessible for all, or our small zodiac boats where only few people can come onboard. Enjoy your vacations in the Azores with us in a relaxed yet fun way. 

9. Educative experience

For sure, with us you will have a great time filled with laughter, wonder and awesomeness. But you will also learn a lot about the Azores thanks to our knowledgeable guides and educative material such as illustrated catalogs, posters, maps and other items with lots of details about our nature. Thanks to our ongoing scientific research, we have so many interesting things to show you, that you cannot have access anywhere else. We have lots of information to share with you, for instance about all the cetacean species present around our islands. This will make your experience richer and more precious.

10. High quality experiences

Our main goal at Futurismo Azores Adventures is to offer our dear travellers the best outdoor experiences surrounded by incredible landscapes and wild animals. We want you to spend amazing holidays in the company of nice and knowledgeable guides and to love our islands. That is our special mission and we work hard to provide special moments and unforgettable sensations. Sharing our passion with you is a privilege for us, bringing emotions that will make you want to return to the Azores Islands to discover more.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us for amazing holidays full of outdoor adventures in the Azores Islands.

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Adventure awaits!

Join us for amazing holidays full of outdoor
adventures in the Azores Islands.

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