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Futurismo’s Marketing Team

For the Marketing team, working on the computer all day long, things did not change as much as for the previous departments of the company. We do have to change our perception of the world and adapt our online communication to this situation. We cannot keep on posting the same kind of content on social media, as it would not be appropriate to the current world we live in.

But we love thinking of new ways to reach our followers, and always have creativity as our priority. We are in constant search for inspiration and we try hard to give you the best content, to show you interesting facts about whales and dolphins our about the Azores, and stay positive. We have to show the world that we are stronger than this and that life will go back to normal soon.

Positivity is definitely the key. We are currently working on videos, shots and pictures taken before all this, posts for our different social media accounts, in order to put a smile on your face.

Among other missions, we constantly update content to offer the best services and we will also have a special surprise coming soon, about our site … Stay tuned!

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