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Futurismo’s Marine Biologists

It has been more than 11 years since Futurismo’s marine biologists collect data about cetaceans that they sight during the tours. This data of thousands of records from more than 20 different cetacean species has to be analyzed, and now is the perfect time to do so as we are all working from home. Among the data, there is for example the date, location, species and behavior of a group of whales or dolphins. This is all possible thanks to the GPS we take with us on tours to the ocean.

The second most important thing about investigation works is definitely photo- identification. The pictures we take during our trips are not only for memories on social media, it has a scientific purpose. We identify individuals, whales and dolphins, thanks to the marks and patterns they have on their tails and fins. This is significant to keep up with our catalogs of species, as nowadays we have identified more than 400 different sperm whales in 15 years, for instance.

So, biologists are taking advantage of this working from home time to deepen their research (at the moment we count with more than 14.000 sightings of 22 different species!) and continue their studies. Some of them are currently doing Master and PhD thesis, and we truly hope that this time at home can help them keep up with their good work.

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