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Futurismo’s Group Incoming Team

As you probably know, several people who planned to travel to the Azores decided to postpone their trip. This is the right decision. We don’t want our future visitors to cancel and give up on the Azores, so postponing is the thing to do. Remember that the Azores will still be here after this sad episode of the pandemic; with its beautiful waterfalls, black-sand beaches, wild volcanoes, and quiet lakes.

So our Incoming team is mostly trying to reorganize the travels of our guests for happier times and rearrange everything for them in order to have the best holidays in the Azores.

In addition to the rescheduling part, in the future, together with the guides and the biologists, they will seek to know what improvements can be made to the groups that come every year to be able to offer always better services to the operators and thus.

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