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Futurismo’s Certified Nature Guides

It can be hard imagining our adventurous nature guides hiking in their own garden, right? But they are a very important part of our company, and also had to improvise in these weird times to benefit Futurismo’s project.

Futurismo is a big family. That is why some of our land guides decided to join hands with our marine biologists to help them with their big amount of investigation work, organizing the pictures for the photo-identification by species, and keeping in touch between them through professional online chat tools.

Some of our guides also decided to take advantage of staying home to learn a new language, as we are having more and more nationalities visiting the Azores every year. It is important for us to have multilingual guides who can understand, speak and sympathize with our dear visitors from all over the world.

Besides enriching their linguistic, cultural and geological knowledge, they are also updating all the information about out land tours, checking all the details to offer the best possible services to our guests. It is important to do so because we truly want to show the best places around to the Azores lovers, so that they fall in love with the archipelago and are tempted to come visit us back.

Now, let’s talk about the ones you never see or hear about, but are a pillar of the company.

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