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Futurismo’s Marine Biologists

It has been more than 11 years since Futurismo’s marine biologists collect data about cetaceans that they sight during the tours. This data of thousands of records from more than 20 different cetacean species has to be analyzed, and now is the perfect time to do so as we are all working from home. Among…

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Futurismo’s Certified Nature Guides

It can be hard imagining our adventurous nature guides hiking in their own garden, right? But they are a very important part of our company, and also had to improvise in these weird times to benefit Futurismo’s project. Futurismo is a big family. That is why some of our land guides decided to join hands…

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Futurismo’s Marketing Team

For the Marketing team, working on the computer all day long, things did not change as much as for the previous departments of the company. We do have to change our perception of the world and adapt our online communication to this situation. We cannot keep on posting the same kind of content on social…

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Futurismo’s Group Incoming Team

As you probably know, several people who planned to travel to the Azores decided to postpone their trip. This is the right decision. We don’t want our future visitors to cancel and give up on the Azores, so postponing is the thing to do. Remember that the Azores will still be here after this sad…

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