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Buzzing with wonders of earth and sea. You will be surrounded by stunning landscapes, blooming in color hues from Lilacs and hydrangeas flowers.

Ancient cities brimming with renaissance history, rich in traditions, and cultural rhythms. You will soon see why this is one of the best islands in the Azores.

About Terceira island

Terceira is rich in biodiversity and there is so much to see. Not only it has incredible landscapes for you to discover, but the island has a unique heritage. 

Terceira is perhaps the island of the Azores where you can find a great variety of architectural styles. But it is also on the wonderful island of Terceira that we can see the largest expanses of endemic forest. This contrast is quite interesting and will for sure please everyone for a nice getaway between nature and city.

At the end of the pedestrian trails, such as the one in Monte Brasil, it is normal to come across fortifications from the Philippine era and, by ascending to the viewpoints, to contemplate the spreading of the light over the sea and the villages.

The small stone enclosures built for Verdelho* wine snake their way to the houses and from there we can extend to the natural swimming-pools, to the bright ocean, to the intense land.

*Verdelho is a white wine grape grown throughout Portugal The Island is welcoming, accessible and safe, with a pleasant climate; it is rich in legends and traditions and offers great challenges.

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Terceira is the second biggest island in terms of population, with about 57,000 residents. It is part of the five islands of the Central Group, with Sao Jorge, Graciosa, Pico and Faial, the closest island being Sao Jorge, only 40km away. Terceira’s area is about 400km2, or 30km long and 18km large.

The highest point of the island is at Serra de Santa Bárbara, up to 1,021m above the sea level.


Angra played an important role for internal trade of regional products from other islands in the 15th and 16th centuries. It happens that the island is also rich of precious metals and exotic spices, coveted by corsairs from England and France.

With a manufacturing production, whaling on the island of Terceira began in 1885. Today, Casa dos Botes, in the harbor of São Mateus is a museum where you can see some boats used during whaling and, perhaps cross with some ex-whaler available to tell some of the most interesting stories of “whales men”. 

The main economic activity of Terceira is livestock and dairy products. Nowadays, tourism also plays an important role in Terceira, just as for all the Azores Islands. 


Terceira was the third island of the Azores to be discovered and by Portuguese explorers. It was populated only in 1449, about 20 years after its discovery. The city of Angra was officially founded in 1534 and becomes quickly the political, economic and religious center of the Azores.

In 1581, during the war of the Portuguese Succession, the Spanish forces were defeated in Terceira during the Battle of Salga. But two years later, the Spanish come back and dominate the island after a violent fight. In 1640, Portugal is independent again. Another battle explodes in 1829, during the Liberal Wars against the absolutist domination. It was in Praia, now called Praia da Vitória due to the islanders’ victory.

The main city of Terceira is Angra do Heroísmo, which is part of UNESCO’s World Heritage since 1983 due to its historic center. Lajes is the other well-known town because this is where the airbase is located. It was created during World War II.

Nature & Geology

There are many sites of geological importance on the island, but Algar do Carvão cave is part of the world’s top ten volcanic cavities. It displays the largest silica stalactites on the planet. In Terceira, you can really feel the volcanic origins of the Azores thanks to the fumaroles and the red soil. The smell of sulfur will remind you that nature is alive and surrounds you.

In the center of the island, you can find the biggest spot of heather in the whole archipelago, creating a beautiful lilac color, from which came the second name of Terceira: the lilac island, a color also to be found on the facades of Angra’s buildings. On the North and West of the island, enjoy the biggest patches of dense forest with endemic vegetation in the whole archipelago.


  • UNESCO Heritage

    The historic city of Angra do Heroísmo is part of UNESCO World Heritage and once you are walking around the place, you will understand why.

  • Underwater Archaeological Park

    For sea lovers, this is where you can do the most impressive dives in the Azores. Enjoy unique underwater landscapes.

  • The Island of the Party

    Festivities are all year long in Terceira, including rope bullfights, a unique tradition in the whole Azores. the atmosphere is cheerful in the island that doesn’t sleep.

  • Top Sights in Terceira island

    Things you must see in Terceira island

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