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Flores island

The westernmost point in Europe where the sunset comes last in deep, passionate, and rich colors.

There is magic about this island, stories of sailors and pirates seeking a safe port, or water springs staircases to heaven launching at your feet as you explore nature.

About Flores island

Between blue and green, the island of Flores is full of surprises and breathtaking landscapes. Many travelers, who have had the opportunity to know the island, say that it is a real dive in pure nature. We can confirm, it truly is. Flores is known as the island of waterfalls. Get ready to find natural pools of transparent water and an incredible diversity of marine life.

Flores island has been described as a smaller version of Ireland or Switzerland, for its beautiful landscapes. But we assure you, it is 100% unique. Among green hills, wild lagoons and huge waterfalls, the island looks like a fairy tale. The name «Flores» was given to the island due to the abundant and exuberant flora. 

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Flores is the second island that is part of the western group, together with Corvo, only 18km away, which is about 35 minutes by boat. Flores island is the second least populated island of the archipelago after Corvo, with about 3 800 people. It is 17km long and 12km wide for a total area of about 140m2. 

Flores is also the westernmost point of Europe. The highest point of Flores is Morro Alto, at about 911m above sea level. 


The first centuries after people arrived in Flores, the production of cereals was significant for the economy of the island, as well as sheep farming and fishing.

Whaling in Flores was also of great importance. In the 1930s, there was a brutal increase in annual whale catches, both locally and internationally. It went from 600 to 7,393 whales captured in 1937. That year, in Flores alone, 47 whales were caught. The heritage of whaling is still very present. 

In 1972, the local airport opened and the harbors were getting in better conditions, making the integration of Flores easier towards the other islands of the archipelago, as well as towards the American and European continents. 

Today, the sector of services is vital to Flores island, assuming about 60% of the employment. Tourism is getting stronger thanks to the natural beauty of the island.


Flores island was discovered at the same time as its neighbor Corvo by Portuguese navigators, around 1452. Due to its remoteness, populating Flores was not an easy task. Flemish people from São Jorge were the first to settle there around 1480. However, because of the geographic isolation, they all went back to the central island. It is only in 1508 that the population will start to increase on Flores.

Life is relaxed on Flores island, but in the 16th and 17th centuries, privateers will attack the island. Privateers were always around to steal precious metals from Spanish ships coming from America and going to Europe.

In the next century, the island will turn into a strategic point for American whaling ships. The local population will get involved in this practice and Flores will see its first whaling centers appearing, which are still visible today.

Nature & Geology

In Flores, there are so many places to see that you don’t know where to begin. The diversity of landscapes is simply amazing.

Flores is full of interesting geological features. Rocha dos Bordões is a magnificent mountain made up of huge rocky columns, looking like sticks made of stone, about 20m high. It is well preserved, considering the age of the lava flow, approximately 570,000 years.

Flores has some of the most gigantic waterfalls of the archipelago. It is impossible not to be amazed, for example, with the 90 m height of Poço do bacalhau waterfall or the dozens of waterfalls that make up Poço da Alagoinha.

  • Climbing Waterfalls

    The island has a high density of water courses and waterfalls that have made it a favorite destination for canyoning lovers.

  • Privileged Diving Destination

    Flores, with its crystal clear blue waters, abundance of underwater fauna and strong probability of seeing large pelagic fish.

  • Fans of Hiking

    One of the most popular walking routes is the trail along the hill of the northwest coast, Ponta Delgada-Fajã Grande, and what a trail with immense beauty!

  • Top Sights in Flores island

    Things you must see in Flores island

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