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Cheese Lovers

The cheese of São Jorge, of firm consistency and with a yellowish hard filling, is among the best Portuguese cheeses.

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Natural Pools

Swimming in the clear waters of the natural pools of Poça Simão Dias and Poça do Caneiro should be on your list.

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Horta Harbor

This is the fourth most visited harbor in the world, famous among sailors who cross the North Atlantic.

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Graciosa’s Donkeys

In the old days, there were almost as many donkeys as people. Today there are less than a hundred but they are part of one of the main tourist attractions on the island.

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Graciosa Museum

There are several places dedicated to the history of whaling. Barracão dos Botes Baleeiros is an excellent example with a collection of material used during whale hunting times.

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Queijadas da Graciosa

It is in the center of Vila da Praia, in the Queijadas da Graciosa pastry shop, that you can taste this local star-shaped specialty.

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