Guardians of the Azores

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Guardians of The Azores

"That who takes care. That who protects"

Join us on this Award-winning citizen science project, focused on families with children (because they are the future), helping them structure their critical thinking about the world around them, promoting their connection to the environment, through a civic sense reinforced and rewarded as well.

WTM Award Winning Project

The "Guardians of the Azores" citizen science project is a Silver Award of WTM Responsible Tourism Awards 2022 (World Travel Market), in the category "Reduction of plastic waste in the environment".

"After an extensive process, among dozens of companies and destinations from around the world, Futurismo was among the 21 finalists and was distinguished with this incredible award that makes us really proud and reinforces our conviction that we are doing something right", said Futurismo's Commercial and Marketing Director after receiving the award himself at the awards ceremony, at the ExCel Exhibition Centre, in London.

The Project

The Guardians of the Azores project was born in the Azores and for the archipelago. We intend, in the medium term, to allow families from all islands to participate, maximizing the impact throughout the Azores.

This project intends to combine citizen science with the discovery of our islands, outdoor family activities, citizenship, and environmental preservation.

Who can join us

This project aims for families with children to take part in the creation of scientific knowledge while being outdoors and in contact with nature, to know and learn to preserve our islands.

The project will last for 365 days. Its renewal, for another year, will be evaluated according to the results. At the end of the project, a brief report will be prepared and presented with the results.

What do we expect

The Guardians of the Azores project was born in the Azores and for the archipelago. We intend, in the medium term, to allow families from all islands to participate, maximizing the impact throughout the Azores.

21 800 kg Of garbage

2 850 Participants

What do we offer

€78 390,00 In Experiences

Futurismo Azores Adventures doesn't have any support for this project.
It aims to demonstrate our commitment to our community and our land.

Why do we do it


01. Nature is our working place. It’s what sustains our activity

02. For commitment to our community and, more specifically, to our children

03. Science and education go hand in hand with the tourism concept we stand for

04. Every day we go out to sea, we collect all the garbage we find during the tours

05. We have been carrying out cleaning, education, and environmental awareness actions for many years

06. Our children and grandchildren accompany us in those initiatives

07. Our team sees itself and is proud of these values and this purpose

How does it work?


Motivate your team and sign up.
Participate as many times as you want.


Choose an area and go on the adventure.
Collect the garbage.
Follow scientific procedures.

Be rewarded

- Deliver the collected garbage
- Watch your story get published
- Get a free experience
- Qualify for the final prize

End Result

Online Publications

Family stories will be published online.

A scientific report

Treatment and publication of all information collected, with identification and photos of those who contributed.

Life IP Azores Natura

Sharing the data with this project.


Provide the information to students who are proven to be developing master's or doctoral theses in this area.

The Guardians of the Azores project is an initiative of Futurismo Azores Adventures.

For more than 30 years, the company has maintained the motto of "Love, Explore and Protect" the Azores, focusing on Sustainability in its broad sense.

In this sense, this and other activities promoted by us are fully aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Strategic Partner

Partners for the Final Prize

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