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Giving back

Responsible tourism is not only about protecting nature and raising awareness about ecology.
It is also important to respect and help our local population in any way that we can, so that what benefits us as a company can also be a gain for them.
Discover how we do so.

Together we are stronger

At Futurismo, we understood the significance of helping our local community for better and more sustainable tourism very well. We want to participate in a bright common future for the Azorean people. In order to do so, we work along with several local projects, events, and social institutions. In addition to helping them directly through partnerships, we also offer them to experience some of our great activities for their wellbeing.

Aurora Social Association

Aurora Social is a non-profit social solidarity institution aiming to help people with mental disabilities. It was founded in 1994 by a group of parents who were concerned with the social and professional integration of their disabled children. It grew and became an important organization acting in solidarity economy and guaranteeing job opportunities created for people with special needs. They also have a Centre of Occupational Activities where they teach skills that aim to promote the empowerment of the individuals and their active participation in the community.

It is in 2009 that Futurismo joined Aurora Social. Indeed, we work with small groups of young adults who make handicrafts and we put their products in our shop for sale. You can find them at our main shop in Ponta Delgada harbor. Those art pieces are inspired by their whale and dolphin watching trips that they do during the year with us. When we sell their products, the value earned is returned to fund the activities of the association.


Move Project

The international non-profit organisation Move believes in entrepreneurship as a way to fight inequalities. Futurismo received the visit of the Youth Center of Maia, a little parish in the North of São Miguel Island. Thanks to Move, they had an enriching and special educational experience about entrepreneurship. With Futurismo, students of the Move project had the opportunity to spend a great moment watching dolphins and sperm whales, discovering a new professional atmosphere. We are so proud to help these initiatives and one thing is for sure, we won’t stop now. 

Eleva-te Career Forum

It was in 2019 that Futurismo participated at the very first Eleva-te Career Forum in the University of Azores. It is an event that aims to make the contact easier between students looking for a job or an internship and local companies looking for talented and knowledgeable students. There, students can directly ask companies for jobs or internship opportunities. Eleva-te is an excellent initiative to make the companies and the students closer to each other.

Going to local schools

Every year, Futurismo’s marine biologists team goes to different local schools to raise eco-awareness among children of all ages. For instance, at Laranjeiras Middle School, we teach them about cetaceans, marine wildlife, and also about how to preserve our lush Azorean nature. We think it is important for them to understand that they are the generation that can change everything. And after the theory comes the practice. That is when they come with us on board to watch whales and dolphins in their natural environment. 

Learn more about our educational commitment.

The health benefits of Whale watching

Did you know that being close to animals can bring several health benefits for people struggling mentally? That is why sometimes animals are brought to different kinds of therapies, or to hospitals, in order to soothe troubled souls. At Futurismo, we believe that seeing wild animals is an immense joy and source of excitement, it can bring several emotions to people. Some of our guests cry why they see a whale, while others will laugh at the dolphins' impressive jumps. One thing is for sure, the animals don’t let people indifferent. 

Several studies have proven that animals can increase self-esteem, reduce feelings of anxiety, isolation, and grief. Seeing animals can help fight depression, increase trust as well as empathy and team working, among other benefits. We love seeing happy faces on our boats. When we take disabled people from Aurora Social to watch whales, we cannot think of something happier.

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