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Flights to the Azores

Welcome to the Azores archipelago, Europe’s best hidden gem. Lost in the middle of the wild Atlantic Ocean, mysterious volcanic islands are waiting for you to explore them. Are the Azores your next adventure? Discover how to come here.

How to get to the Azores?

Flying to the Azores Islands is quite easy and a good deal! There are low-cost companies such as Ryanair offering trips all year round. The easiest way to come, besides direct international flights, is through Lisbon (2h flight) and Porto (2h30 flight).

There are more than 50 airlines passing through Lisbon airport, which offers over 150 routes such as South Africa, California, Dubai, and much more! At Porto, you will find 80+ destinations for about 30 different airlines.

Find out more information about these airports here

Direct international flights to Ponta Delgada

It might be also possible to come directly from your country to the Azores Islands! Indeed, Ponta Delgada airport has several international destinations, and even more during the summertime. In total, you can find about 20 destinations (domestic flights included) in 8 countries.

- All the year-round direct destinations are Lisbon, Porto, Toronto, Boston, Praia, Funchal, London, and Frankfurt.
- In the summer, there are more direct flights: Montreal, Bermuda, Geneva, and Paris.

Of course, at all times there are flights to every island of the archipelago. Note that there are also direct flights to other islands such as Terceira, from the United States and Portugal mainland. Find out more information about Ponta Delgada airport here

Traveling between the Azores Islands

Do you know how many Islands we have to explore in the Azores archipelago?
Nine. Nine wonderful islands with so much to offer.
Every single one of them is unique in its landscapes and culture. And you can discover them all by plane or boat.

Explore the Azores Islands Hopping

Azores Airlines offer flights to every island, at any time of the year. It is the fastest option to get to another island. For instance, from Ponta Delgada to Terceira island, the flight duration will be only 30 minutes. For Pico island, where you can climb Portugal’s highest mountain, it is only 50 minutes away. Inter-island flights are operated in smaller planes, it is always better to book in advance.

There is a system called "encaminhamentos" (redirections, in English), that allows you to visit other islands for FREE. If you come from Portugal mainland, Azores Airlines provides a routing service free of charge for passengers who travel within the Azores Islands. So that you can travel to another Azorean island without paying anything, as long as it is another island than the one where you entered the Azores Region.

Find out more information about inter-island flights here 

Taking the boat to other islands

The official company for boat connections is called Atlanticoline. Those are ferries where you can also take your car. But not every boat is functioning all year round.

Three routes are available at any time of the year:

  • The Green Line, connecting Faial, Pico, and São Jorge
  • The Blue Line, connecting Faial and Pico (Madalena)
  • The Pink Line, connecting Flores and Corvo

From São Miguel, boats are available in the summertime only and you can go to every island, thanks to the Yellow Line. However, you should know that it takes more time to go from São Miguel to another island, compared to the planes. For instance, the closest island, Santa Maria, is 3h away by boat. For the central islands, it is about 4h30 to Terceira, and more for other islands, as the boat will stop by every island. 

Find out more information about inter-island boats.

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Adventure awaits!

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adventures in the Azores Islands.

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