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A day out in São Jorge

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São Jorge island Request Tour
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A day out in São Jorge

São Jorge Island Van Tour – Full day

São Jorge island

Long, narrow, with high cliffs, this is another of the desirable islands of the Atlantic.

Its mountain range, as proud and beautiful as the bone in the back of a dragon, is a wonderful contrast to the universe of the «fajãs», the velvet platforms by the sea level.

Cheese, coffee, and clams have unique flavors; the meadows cast a thick, intense green; the sea is clear and clean. At the factories, the process of giving birth to the famous cheese is still almost all artisanal. In the churches, some bell towers were saved from the wrath of the lava and their stories introduce a mystical seasoning in narratives.

In the wide, open pools there are areas reflected with colors and brilliant as kaleidoscopes – diving in them takes us to the womb of mother nature. What can be seen from the hilltops attracts us to descend to the «fajãs», snaking amongst grazing lands covered with wildflowers, foamy streams of water and crystal cascades.

An oasis for surf and seclusion, they are the remote places of ancient experiences still guarded. There, the daily life is pure, keeps all the strength of the debuts, and shows us what we thought we had lost forever.

  • Dificultad Fácil
  • Idiomas Inglés, Portugués
  • Temporada Toda el año
  • Duración 8H
  • Incluye

    • Guía certificado
    • Picnic de almuerzo (bocadillo, pastel, fruta, agua, zumo)
    • Entrance and tasting in the cheese factory
    • Tasting the local coffee
    • Seguro (accidentes personales y responsabilidad civil)

    La Experiencia

    If you want to know the island of São Jorge, without worrying about the certainty that you will visit the best places on the island, don’t think twice!

    The island of São Jorge is composed of a “mountain range” and many fajãs, which are actually coastal platforms formed by lava or landslides. That is why the island of fajãs is known.

    On this comfortable van tour, accompanied by a certified guide, you will pass through the most beautiful fajãs in São Jorge.

    In Fajã dos Vimes you will visit the exclusive commercial coffee plantations in Europe and also, of course, you will taste this organic coffee, still produced very manually.

    You will be able to meet the family that is still responsible for its production today.

    • Ferry trip

      – From the harbor of Madalena or São Roque, we will take the ferry to Velas. It takes about 1h20 or 45 minutes respectively. Once on the island, we start to explore São Jorge aboard a comfortable van.

    • Local cheese factory

      – This is where we produce the most famous cheese of the Azores. The cheese from São Jorge is of raw milk, from grass-fed cows on the island. The maturing process of this cheese can be from 3 to 12 months.

    • Urzelina

      – Urzelina is on the islands’ south coast. There, we will hear the fascinating story about the little parish’s church tower. In fact, the building was spared from the lava flow of the last eruption happening on the island in 1808.

    • Fajã dos Vimes

      – São Jorge has many “fajãs” (flat platforms formed by lava or landslides) along the coast. One of them, Fajã dos Vimes, has Europe’s exclusive commercial coffee plantations.

      – After seeing how the plants grow, we will have the chance to taste this exquisite coffee.

    • Fajã dos Cubres

      – We will then go to the north coast. There, we can enjoy breathtaking views over the northern cliffs and Fajã dos Cubres, as well as the Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo. Both formed by landslides in 1757, during the strongest earthquake ever felt in the Azores.

    • Poça do Simão Dias

      – Further, in Fajã do Ouvidor, you can take a dip in one of the most beautiful natural pools: Poça do Simão Dias.

    • Back to Pico

      – After this full-day tour to the beautiful São Jorge, it is time to take the ferry back to Pico.

    Punto de partida

    Velas Ferry Terminal | Free pick up in Velas municipality (select this option during the checkout process). Our staff will contact you on the day before the tour takes place.

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    ¿Que traer?

    • traje de baño
    • Comfortable light clothes
    • Sweater, raincoat
    • Sunscreen, hat and backpack
    • Water and snacks

    Información Importante

    • Boat tickets not included
    • You can join this tour if you are already in São Jorge
    • If you have any food restriction, please inform us at least 48h before the tour

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