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Discover a volcano from the inside

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Faial island Request Tour
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Azores fauna & flora sanctuary
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Discover a volcano from the inside

Descent to the Caldeira in Faial – Half day

Faial island

Advancing, in Caldeirão, until the edge of an immense mouth opened in nature will take us to the fragility of the human life that we share; and, at the same time, will move us as we belong to this same world, involved by its beautiful endemic flora.

As it will move us to wander through the lunar surface of Capelinhos, dragging our feet over layers of ashes, and imagining a process of devastation that, in these islands, ended up creating so much fertility and life…after that, you just have to celebrate it, tasting the local specialties.

In the audacity of a gradual descent of a thousand meters, we take part in everything – from the vertiginous top to the heart of the dormant volcano. The tour involves us in endemic vegetation; convinces us of the time ellipses and of the primary role of our race in this world.

In the most perfect silence, we will hear the whisper of the water in the cascade and the twitting of the birds; we will, again, be the first human: fearful, watchful, amazed.

  • Dificultad Fácil
  • Idiomas Inglés, Alemán, Portugués
  • Tour starts Horta
  • Edad mínima 8
  • Temporada Toda el año
  • Duración 4H 30M
  • Incluye

    • Guía certificado
    • Access fee to the nature reserve
    • Seguro (accidentes personales y responsabilidad civil)

    La Experiencia

    Have you ever thought of coming to Faial or the Triangle Islands and missing the opportunity to see and feel this sanctuary of natural flora?

    It is a narrow path of steep land, so if you like challenges in the middle of nature, come and explore with us accompanied by a certified guide of this Natural Park, just so you can enter this adventure!

    We will descend to the bottom of the crater, at a depth of 400 m, and there we will find a «secret waterfall«.

    Caldeira do Faial is a geological monument, an impressive landmark in the landscape with 2 km in diameter and a huge green hole below.

    • Madalena-Horta

      – After a ferry trip of about 30 minutes from Madalena, here we are in the city of Horta.

    • Rim of the Caldeira

      – We will have a short briefing before entering the giant crater of 2km in diameter. Caldeira is a Nature Reserve, the perfect place for nature lovers.

      – The descent starts from an altitude of 1,000m to one of the most stunning and major volcanic “cauldrons” of the Azores. The nature reserve is full of endemic vegetation in an almost perfect state of conservation.

    • The descent

      – The trail is a steep and narrow dirt track passing by different biotopes covered with dense vegetation. We will reach the bottom of the crater 400m deeper, surrounded by gigantic, almost vertical green-covered walls.

      – There, we will encounter perfect silence and a hidden waterfall. The descent takes an average of 1.5h and the ascent on the same trail about 1h.

    • Back to Horta and Madalena

      – After the hike, it is time to go back to Horta. We will take the ferry to Madalena or you can enjoy the town on your own.

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    ¿Que traer?

    • zapatos para caminar
    • Comfortable light clothes
    • Sweater, raincoat
    • Sunscreen, hat and backpack
    • 1,5L of water, snacks

    Información Importante

    • Boat tickets not included
    • You can join this tour if you are already in Faial
    • Please note that the descent in steep and can be a bit tricky for people with physical restrictions
    • Please let us know about any health problem you might have
    • Be prepared for changing weather conditions, take adequate clothes and/or spare clothes and shoes (most likely it will be muddy in the inner of the Caldeira)
    • On request, children younger than 12 years can join the private tour

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