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Avistamiento de Ballenas en Lajes do Pico

Es en este paraíso de perfiles oscuros de paisajes basálticos y vegetación sedosa que aguarda un mar embravecido para presentar al visitante algunos de los especímenes acuáticos más espectaculares, nadando libremente en su elemento. Lejos de las masas y cerca de la paz deseable, serán los invitados de nuestros guías de naturaleza y biólogos marinos,…

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Bird Watching Tour in Sao Miguel Island

The archipelago of the Azores is a protective oasis that receives birds and their nests in numbers that exceed the 400 species. It is not only an indulge for endemic species, but also the greatest secret to rescue some species facing extinction. Throughout the year, flocks coming from America and Europe turn this oceanic landing…

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Visit to Santa Maria Island – Full day

Only three hours away, by boat, from São Miguel, but so different from it thanks to its dryer, warmer climate. Santa Maria has, thus, a sunny essence that results in a different type of beauty: Geological formations similar to millennial stratifications, strange extensions of earth that resemble the lunar surface; but also, Mediterranean-like bays with…

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Active São Miguel, Pico & Faial 7D

The island of the Archangel – São Miguel – unveils its personality along the amazing trail of Serra Devassa: filled with lagoons, aqueducts, and waterfalls, among a green that will forever be engraved in your eyes. Lagoa do Fogo, inlaid in cliffs of splendor and light, is another teasing for the demanding souls… And then…

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Van Tour to Povoação

We will take you on a tour around the delicacies of the local gastronomy; around the magnificence of the sceneries, while interacting with the islanders, sharing fantastic stories. The contact with a stimulating culture, with special people and monuments from the past is just the plot for this action and enchantment movie in which you…

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Canyoning Tour to Ribeira dos Caldeirões

Canyoning places the human being in the pursuit of nature: bonded to rock walls, suspended from heights, it allows him/her to invade water courses and to imitate their rhythm with their body, in a pulsing sensation of the sun, of the breeze, and of the moss. In the most beautiful Ribeira dos Caldeirões, the ascending…

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Canyoning Tour to Salto do Cabrito

Futurismo has this ability to create worlds parallel to the usual world, moments that escape from everyday life, escape the known life, and introduce us to a dimension of privilege: Waking up on a bright morning, climbing a trail through the woods and stories, and witnessing the awakening of things in all their splendor. At…

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Ponta Delgada City Tour – Half day

It is fascinating to absorb the richness of the ancient History and of the impressive cultural displays around the island. Getting to know a new city – a performance of introduction and knowledge – brings surprise, learning, and feeds the imagination with wonderful, and yet real, facts. To walk around the city center is to…

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Experience Tour – Carvão Cave & Pineapple

It is possible to descend to the mysterious place that runs underneath the city, along 2000 meters, in the subsoil: these are the remaining areas of the primitive internal lava tube that once extended for over five kilometers… The odd beauty of this quiescent substance, the obscure feeling of entering the heart of the earth…

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