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“It’s impressive that we haven’t found anybody during our walking tour. It was amazing the communion with nature. It feels that nature is still untouched.”
Andrea Sievers, Germany

“We had a great whale watching trip! Compared to some of the other operators that were on the water the same day, these guys seem to care much more about the animals (when we spotted a whale, the captain slowly got us closer to it, trying not to disturb the animal, while some other boats went at it at top speed). We saw about a dozen young sperm whales, and a large pod of dolphins, but even without any sightings, the fantastic three hour boat trip would have been worth the money!”
Ewan, The Netherlands

“ Excellent English spoken and very knowledgeable guides. The company shows true passion for working with guests and imparting a good cultural experience.”
John Smith, USA

“ It was our first time with the whales. Very enjoyable trip! Staff was very helpful and kindly answered all our questions. Thanks for the wonderful experience!”
Martin Merimen, UK

“After swimming with the dolphins in open sea I was feeling differently... I felt such a powerful energy. It’s an experience that I recommend to everybody!”
Joana Cardoso, Portugal

“I enjoyed particularly the fact that we could visit São Miguel with the jeep tour and got a whole different idea from our last trip. Knowledgeable information is given by the guide about the island specially concerning the Azorean history and traditions. Great service and wonderful friendly guides!”
Jorgen Johansen, Sweden