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Hiking in Sete Cidades - full day


Let’s explore the West side of São Miguel island. After the pick up at 9 am, we will head to the famous Sete Cidades, which is part of Portugal’s seven wonders. Sete Cidades lake is one of the most famous and legendary lakes of the island. During the 11km long hike, you will have the opportunity to learn about the fauna, flora, history, volcanic formation of the island, and of course, you will hear the legendary love story behind the formation of the lake.

After the walk, we will drive along the south coast and stop in Ferraria, for a more relaxing moment. Ponta da Ferraria is a delightful ocean bathing area, where the salt water is naturally heated inside a volcanic fissure. There, you will be able to go for a dip if the tide is low and the waves are weak before going back to Ponta Delgada.

The price for this activity is 50€ per adult, 29,25€ per child.

Please note that the minimum age for walking tours is 8 years old.


11 Km


Ponta Delgada - Sete Cidades - Ponta Delgada


Bring: comfortable light clothes, sweater, raincoat, walking boots or shoes, swimming suit and towel, hat, sunblock, backpack, water.


Light picnic meal: generally a sandwich, water, fruit, juice and a cake.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I see the Sete Cidades crater on this walk?
A: Yes, if cloud cover does not restrict the view, you will be able to see the crater and walk part of the rim of the crater.

Q: How far is Sete Cidades from Ponta Delgada?
A: Sete Cidades is about 28km away from Ponta Delgada westward (17 miles). Without stops, it takes about 40 minutes to reach the village by the lakes.

Q: What can I do in the lakes of Sete Cidades?
A: In addition to enjoying the beautiful surrounding landscape, it is possible to rent a kayak or stand up paddle to appreciate the lakeside at our activity center. If you are interested in discovering Sete Cidades from another perspective, please contact us.

Q: When the sea tide is not low at Ponta da Ferraria, is it still possible to bathe in the natural swimming pool?
A: If the sea conditions allow (low waves and weak wind), you can still bathe in the natural swimming pool, although the water will not be as warm as when the tide is low because there will be a bigger quantity of cold water from the ocean.

Q: What is the sea water temperature at Ponta da Ferraria?
A: During the Summertime, the water can reach 24˚C (75°F) and during the wintertime, it will not be lower than 16˚C (61°F). So it is always reasonable. When the tide is low, the water temperature can vary between 30ºC and 50ºC (86°F-122°F), depending on how close you stay to the volcanic fissure.

Q: I have some food restrictions or a special diet, will the lunch be adapted to my needs?
A: We will always try to adapt to meet your needs. Please contact us when booking the tour and let us know any food restriction or allergy so we can prepare something adequate.

Q: Do I need to be physically fit for this tour?
A: This hiking tour is relatively easy. Good conditions are always better to feel comfortable, but this tour is relatively accessible in terms of physical conditions. Futurismo also provides walking sticks for people who feel more comfortable walking with it.


Price per adult


Price per child

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This program includes
  • – Nature guide
  • – Walking stick
  • – Stop to Sete Cidades village
  • – Picnic lunch (sandwich, cake, fruit, water, juice)
  • – Pick up and drop off at the tourism office or your hotel
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