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Whale and dolphin watching + Vila Franca Islet - full day


This is the ultimate experience not to miss if you are visiting São Miguel island! We will meet you at our shop in Ponta Delgada harbor, where you will check-in 30 minutes before the tour. Then, our biologists will do a quick briefing about the species you might see, the safety measures onboard and the whale watching rules. Being a partner with World Cetacean Alliance we want to follow some rules while approaching a cetacean to respect the animals that we will spot in their own natural environment.

Now, we are all ready to go on this offshore adventure! During the trip, you will have the opportunity to observe some of the many cetaceans species present in the waters around the Azores archipelago. On the zodiac boat, it is mandatory to wear the life vest, whereas there is no need to wear it on the catamaran.

All along the boat trip, our staff will tell you when they see something moving in the water so that you don’t miss anything. They will provide information about the animals you will encounter and stay available if you have any question.

After the 3-hour tour, we will drop you in Vila Franca do Campo harbor. And less than 10 minutes walking from there, you will arrive at the local restaurant where you will have lunch. Then, we board a converted traditional fishing boat and head to Vila Franca do Campo islet, a volcanic crater off the coast that encloses a natural lagoon. The islet is a natural reserve, so here you will be able to see the diversity of fish species that have been preserved due to this protection. Don’t forget to bring your mask and snorkel! Indeed, the islet is classified by Birdlife International as an important place for birds. To protect this special place, only 400 people are allowed to step on it per day and only during the summertime. The transfer back to our activity center in Ponta Delgada (Ponta Delgada harbor) is always guaranteed, by boat or van.

- Prices for this activity: 90€ per adult, 54.25€ per child (6-12 years old). Free for the youngest (0-5 years old).

- Check-in time: 8:30 am in our shop at Ponta Delgada harbor.

Please note that this activity is only available during summer due to the schedule of Vila Franca Islet for preservation purposes. Futurismo operates this tour from June 15th to September 15th only on weekdays, except for public holiday. The type of vessel depends on the number of passengers. Please contact us if you have back problems, if you are pregnant or have any health restriction.

About 7H30


Ponta Delgada - Vila Franca do Campo - Ponta Delgada


Bring: comfortable clothes and shoes, sweater, jacket, swimsuit, towel, mask and snorkel, hat, sunscreen, backpack, water and snacks.

Futurismo operates this tour everyday of the week from June 15 to September 15, usually onboard of a fiberglass boat. On weekends and publics holidays, we do not operate this tour. Contact us if your are travelling with children or seniors.

If you have any food restriction, please inform us at least 48h before the tour.


Lunch at a local restaurant. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best season for whale watching in the Azores?
A: There are four resident species here in the Azores, which means they are present all year round: sperm whales, Risso’s dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, and common dolphins. The best season for whale watching in the Azores is during Springtime - from March to June. Indeed, baleen whales are migrating and passing by our waters. It is possible to see blue whales, fin whales, and sei whales among others. Learn more about cetacean species in the Azores.

Q: Is it possible to swim in the islet’s crater?
A: Yes, you will be able to take a dip into the clear waters of the islet, which is one of the most beautiful places to swim around São Miguel.

Q: Does Futurismo provide the equipment to snorkel in the islet's natural swimming pool?
A: A: It is better if you bring your own equipment. We do have snorkels and masks but in a limited number.

Q: What if I don’t want or am afraid to snorkel?
A: Snorkeling in the islet’s crater is not mandatory, you can also lay down on the shore and enjoy the landscape.

Q: How long does it approximately take to reach the islet?
A: The boat trip will last no longer than 15 minutes from Vila Franca do Campo harbor.

Q: Does Futurismo provide equipment if it is raining during the boat trip?
A: Yes, we provide rain jackets and waterproof trousers for the boat trip in case of bad weather except on our catamarans because if it is raining, you can still go inside.

Q: What if I am seasick?
A: We advise avoiding eating anything overly spicy, acidic, fatty or dairy before the boat trip. Don’t overeat but come well fed. Once on the boat, look at the horizon and get fresh air. If you feel bad, the staff on the boat will help you.

Q: Is the boat trip between Vila Franca do Campo city and the islet included in the price of a tour?
A: Yes, the trip to the islet as well as the lunch are included.

Q: I have a specific diet, will the lunch be adapted to it?
A: Yes, we will always try to adapt to your diet (vegetarian, vegan, allergies). If you have any restriction, please tell us when booking the tour.


Price per adult


Price per child

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This program includes
  • – Pre-tour briefing
  • – Raincoat and pants (if necessary)
  • – Life jacket (on zodiac and fiberglass boat)
  • – Marine biologist or guide aboard
  • – Lunch at a local restaurant
  • – Boat trip to the islet
  • – Transfer back to Ponta Delgada
  • – Insurance (personal accident and liability)
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