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Kayaking in Sete Cidades | Rental 1H


Kayaking is a relaxing way to experience the lake and at the same time enjoy the tranquility of the water. Our sit-on-top Kayaks are brand new, with two ergonomic seats and still enough room for a child. Life jackets and double-bladed paddles are included.

We will welcome you at our activity center on the edge of the lake. There, you can get changed in our dressing rooms.

Once you are ready, we will explain to you how to kayak on the lake, the safety rules and we will give you the equipment needed to do this activity properly.

At the end of your 1-hour kayak trip, you will have the possibility to change in the dressing rooms and take a hot shower. Note that it is always better to have a change of clothing in case you get wet during the activity.

Renting a kayak is possible all year round but we recommend to book first through our website or contact us to be sure we have equipment available for you.

The price for this activity is 10€ per kayak for one hour. You can be two adults and a child on one kayak. If you have more than 1 child, you will have to take 2 kayaks.

Please note that the minimum age for a child to rent a kayak for himself/herself is 8 years old. Children under 8 years old have to be accompanied in the kayak with an adult.



Sete Cidades


Bring: comfortable clothes and shoes, sweater, raincoat, bathing suit and towel, change of clothes, hat, sunblock, backpack and water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to go to Sete Cidades?
A: It is better to rent a car and go by yourself. However, we can offer a transfer from and to Ponta Delgada. Also, there are some buses from Ponta Delgada. More information in the tourist office.

Q: Are the kayaks stable? Can I fall into the water?
A: Our Sit-on-top kayaks are stable and easy to use. They can tip over if you move really brusquely, but if you are careful, it will not happen. Our staff will explain everything about how to navigate with the kayak before you go to the lake.

Q: Is the life jacket mandatory?
A: Yes, even if you know how to swim, life jackets are mandatory for everyone for safety reasons.

Q: Can I take my camera with me during the kayak trip?
A: We recommend that you leave your personal belongings in the activity center. However, you can take a waterproof camera with you to record this adventure.

Q: Do I need to know how to swim to rent a kayak?
A: It is better to know how to swim even if you will not necessarily need to swim.

Q: Is there a guide coming with me on the kayak tour?
A: When you rent a kayak, the guide will not come with you in the water. However, you can book a guided kayak tour to have a guide sharing this experience with you.

Q: I have never done kayak before, is it a problem?
A: No, kayaking on Sete Cidades lake is relatively easy and safe. You can also join a guided kayak tour if you don’t feel confident enough to go on your own.



Price per adult

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This program includes
  • – 1 hour kayak sit-on-top
  • – Life jackets
  • – Dressing rooms with hot showers
  • – Insurance (personal accident and liability)