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Jeep tour to Sete Cidades & Lagoa do Fogo - full day


This is the ultimate full-day jeep tour. This trip combines two of the most popular places around São Miguel island: Sete Cidades lakes and Fogo lake, among other incredible places such as Caldeira Velha and Ponta da Ferraria. During this day full of wonderful landscapes, you will truly see the beauty in São Miguel, you might even fall in love with this island!

We will start the day by picking you up in Ponta Delgada at 9 am and take you first to the rim of Sete Cidades’ caldera. We will pass by many interesting viewpoints, where you can enjoy the view over the green and blue lakes. We will leave this magical place to go to another, not less beautiful location: Ponta da Ferraria. There, you will be able to go for a dip in the Atlantic Ocean when the tide is low. This place is truly magical because the water will not be cold! Indeed, it is naturally warmed by a volcanic fissure.

Later on, we will have lunch is in a local restaurant halfway to Lagoa do Fogo, perfect to taste some Azorean food! In the afternoon, we will take you to the amazing natural reserve of Lagoa do Fogo to enjoy amazing landscapes surrounding the crater. Fogo lake is one of the most popular places around the island and you will certainly understand why when you are there. From the top of the volcano, you will find incredible views over São Miguel island with both North and South coast visible at the same time. The adventure does not stop here! We will then drive to Caldeira Velha, a warm iron-rich waterfall where it is possible to take a dip year-round thanks to the volcanic activity warming the water up to 26°C (79°F). It is a real spa at open air, surrounded by lush forest, an amazing scenery that looks straight out of a movie. After this relaxing moment, we will head back to Ponta Delgada by the late afternoon.

The price for this activity is 75€ per adult (from 13 years old), 44,25€ per child (6-12), free of charge for the youngest (0-5 years old).

Please note: this tour can also be operated on a van or minibus, depending on the number of participants. The order of the locations that we will visit during this tour is weather dependent, which means either we will start the day with Fogo lake or Sete Cidades lake.




Ponta Delgada – Ferraria - Sete Cidades - Lagoa do Fogo – Ponta Delgada


Bring: comfortable light clothes, sweater, raincoat, walking boots or shoes, swimming suit and towel, a hat, sunblock, backpack, water.


Lunch in a local restaurant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it possible to bathe in Fogo Lake?
A: Fogo Lake being a natural reserve, it is not possible to bathe in the crater’s lake for preservation purposes.

Q: Where is Sete Cidades located?
A: Sete Cidades is located on the western part of São Miguel island. The village by the lakes is located about 40 minutes from Ponta Delgada.

Q: Is the entrance fee to Caldeira Velha included in the price of this tour?
A: Yes, this tour includes the entrance fee of 8€ to be able to swim in Caldeira Velha.

Q: Is it still possible to bathe in Ponta da Ferraria when the tide is not low?
A: Yes, with nice sea conditions, you can still bathe in the natural swimming pool if you don’t mind the cold.

Q: What is the sea water temperature at Ponta da Ferraria?
A: In summer, the temperature of the sea at Ferraria reaches 24ºC (75°F) and in winter it is not lower than 16ºC (61°F). However, when the tide is low, the water temperature rises and varies between 30ºC and 50ºC (86°F - 122°F), depending on how close you are from the volcanic crack.

Q: I am allergic to some food, will the restaurant be adapted to my needs?
A: Yes, if you let us know when booking, about your food restrictions, we can be better prepared to meet your needs.


Price per adult


Price per child

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This program includes
  • – Nature guide
  • – Visit to Ferraria
  • – Lunch in a local restaurant
  • – visit to Caldeira Velha waterfall
  • – Pick up and drop off from the tourism office or your hotel
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