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Why us

Futurismo is the largest active tourism company in the Azores, offering a variety of packages of sea and land activities throughout the Azores archipelago. We constantly strive to improve our services and products and our team of professional and enthusiastic experts are here to share their passion for the Azores with you. 

Here’s our top 10 reasons to travel with Futurismo:

1. We have 23 years of experience and local knowledge. Futurismo was the first whale watching company to develop in São Miguel Island. Our professional staff are always working to improve the quality of our services to give you the best experiences during your stay in the Azores.

2. We give you the choice of different types of boats for whale watching. In 2010 we added a new catamaran “Cetus” to our fleet to give you the option of travelling in comfort so that everybody has the chance to go whale watching.

3. Our guides speak a variety of languages so that we can reach more people on a more personal level. Languages spoken by Futurismo’s guides include English, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Swedish, French, Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Italian, the Scandinavian languages, Bulgarian, Estonian, Ukrainian, Russian and Polish.

4. We guarantee a cetacean sighting during all our tours. If you do not see a whale or dolphin with us your next tour is free until you do.

5. We are a partner of the World Cetacean Alliance (WCA) – a global network of charities, whale watching businesses, and individuals working together to promotes responsible whale and dolphin watching and protect cetaceans and their habitats. In 2014 Futurismo’s Miranda van der Linde became the chair the WCA’s Working Group on Responsible Whale Watching, where she continues to work with the world’s most responsible whale watching companies to raise the standards of whale and dolphin watching.

6. We are committed to sustainability and responsible practices. We strongly adhere to the region’s codes of conduct for approaching and watching cetaceans and are also signatories to the World Cetacean Alliance Minimum Standards for Responsible Whale Watching. All of our captains have years of experience in assessing the movements and behaviours of the animals and we have used this knowledge to develop our own additional guidelines. Species are identified before each encounter, we try to describe the behaviour of the animals and then we regulate our approach in response to the situation. We respect that all encounters are on the animals’ terms and we do not attempt to re-engage animals once they have moved away or show signs of stress.

7. Our sea tours are led by qualified marine biologists and land tours by experienced nature guides, many of which specialise in volcanology, botany and Azorean history. Our experienced and qualified guides are full of knowledge about the local flora, fauna and landscapes. During whale watching tours our marine biologists collect encounter data which are later analysed and shared with other researchers. 

8. Futurismo’s biologists and guides have developed detailed illustrated guides on the species of the Azores and provide fascinating hands-on materials to make each tour a fun and educational experience.

9. We keep you updated on our most recent sightings, news and events so you always know what is going on. Our sightings blog, Facebook page and website are updated after every day on the sea so you can follow what we have been seeing and have a real idea of what to expect from our tours.

10. We are dedicated to offer you the best nature experiences in the Azores. Our friendly staff are always happy to help you and offer the best recommendations. We offer programs to suit all people, from single travellers to families and groups.