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Enjoy your holidays in the Azores walking across the beautiful landscapes that the volcanic islands provide. In one island only, the diversity of the landscapes is amazing. You begin the day in the green lush forest, passing by clear blue lakes and ending the perfect day with a beautiful sunset on the Atlantic Ocean. Futurismo provides a range of walking tours with varying difficulty levels and schedules to suit all levels of practice. Guests can visit the countryside and/or the coast, passing by lakes, waterfalls, hot water springs, fumaroles, mountains, forests, ancient volcano craters and old roads that used to connect the villages, while enjoying at all times the wild beauty and diverse endemic fauna and flora. All of our walking tours are designed to have an additional purpose besides simply following the trails and enjoying the natural environment. These experiences include mingling with the locals, trying some of their customs and eating their typical food in non-touristy restaurants. Futurismo also provides hiking tours in Pico Island where the highest mountain of Portugal is located. Indeed, Pico is 2,351m high, meaning that at the top of the mountain trekkers can observe and enjoy the great view over the other 4 islands that surround Pico Island. Climbing Pico mountain is a challenging and astonishing experience – well worth the effort for experienced walkers! If you want more information about walking tours in Pico, please contact us.

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