Seta Escura

Kayaking and SUP

Kayaking on Sete Cidades lake in São Miguel island is a relaxing experience to enjoy by your own or to share with your family and friends. At our activity center on the edge of the lake, we have modern equipment to enjoy the lake on a new perspective. Sete Cidades is a volcanic complex where you can visit several lakes. Inside one of the craters, you can find two lakes, known as Lagoa Verde (green lake) and Lagoa Azul (blue lake), that feature in a legendary love story about the lake’s creation. Indeed, it is all about forbidden love between a blue-eyed Princess and a green-eyed Shepherd. As the King didn’t want his daughter to marry a shepherd, the two lovers cried so much on their last moment together that the tears shed from the Princess’s blue eyes formed a blue lagoon while the tears which poured from Shepherd’s green eyes formed a green lagoon. The rim of the big crater is high above the lakes and provides epic panoramic views of the West end of the island and the ocean. A specially designed track allows you to walk around the rim. There, many adventure activities are possible like doing a picnic under the shade of willow trees, kayak, mountain bike or even stand up paddle from our activity center. All of these experiences are possible with us!

Seta Azul
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