Seta Escura


Looking for an adventure full of adrenaline in São Miguel island? Canyoning in beautiful landscapes is definitely the way to go! Also known as gorge walking, canyoning in the Azores combines rock and water activities with natural beauty. This experience involves trekking through river gorges, around pools or even behind waterfalls. Canyoners navigate down waterways by abseiling down waterfalls, clambering over rocks or jumping into water rock pools. You will get wet for sure, even with an exposure suit, but this is not too bad with the relatively warm climate of the Azores. Futurismo offers 2 distinct canyoning trips with different duration and level of difficulty to suit everyone. They are both in two wonderful locations: the beautiful Ribeira dos Caldeirões, in Nordeste and the famous Salto do Cabrito in Ribeira Grande.  

Seta Azul
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